Cool Tone Spring Ready Living Room Tour

Spring Living Room with Garden Stool and Limes

Despite the weather still playing tricks on us as evidenced by the variance in day to day temperatures, a few telltale signs have indicated that spring is officially here. 1. My deck is yellow; 2. My plants are just starting to sprout little green buds; 3. That evening daylight is letting us squeeze in a little extra each day; and 4. My living room has been taken over with cool colors and fresh decor! The transition from winter whites to subtle hints of cool, vibrant colors is simple in a room that has intentionally been designed with a neutral base. Follow along as I share the methods I used to create my fresh, spring-ready space.

Two Story Neutral Spring Living Room

In the fall, I primarily used grays and navy (check out my FALL HOME TOUR) and in the winter, I used a lot of white and silver with gold accents (check out my CHRISTMAS HOME TOUR). To start the season, I wanted something softer than the turquoise I used last spring/summer, and more colorful than the icy blue I moved to before fall. I settled on an aqua accent which evolved into an accompanying darker, soft blue with green sprinkled in.

Two Story Neutral Spring Living Room

While I have only had this color palette present for a short, time, I have already been able to try out a few additional accent colors through floral arrangements. While the cool hues go well with the obvious (white and other cool tones), pink and yellow have also complimented this color scheme well. Most recently, and what you will see throughout this tour, is my favorite additional floral color infusion: purple.

Two Story Neutral Spring Living Room

Three of my newest obsessions since 2016 started can all be spotted in this one line of sight: fruit, coral, and garden stools! While I talked about it a little in a previous post, faux fruit and veggies have become a decor staple for me and I am now taking them outside the kitchen. And, I love it.

While I don’t thrift often (I totally do want to be that person, though), I did pick up a few antique hardbacks during a recent visit with my mom in Fairhope, Alabama. I quickly found spots for each of my spoils and will be picking up more vintage books ASAP.

white garden stool with limes in living room


Two Story Living Room with stacked stone fireplace and built-ins

When I put the fireplace tools away for the season, it provided a new little surface to welcome spring. I brought out a couple of square lantern hurricanes, formerly forgotten and buried deep in the basement, and added a few white pillars at staggered heights. Teamed up with my little green thyme plant, I feel like the hearth is ready for a spring garden party.

Square glass latern hurricanes on fireplace hearth


Using lots of green and natural elements is absolutely my top way to say “Hey, world! Spring is here!” These mossy stems are super easy to manipulate; I picked up three for this arrangement.

Coffee Table Details with Coral

I do have several cute teacups with blooms spread around the house, but for this dainty floral pop, I actually used an espresso cup from THIS SET. Also, no my tray isn’t doubling as an underwater reef, I just can’t get enough of that coral!

Coffee Table Details with Flowers and Coral


Two Story Living Room with stacked stone fireplace and built-ins

Two Story Living Room with stacked stone fireplace and built-ins

Two Story Living Room Windows

Staying true to my neutral roots, the simple, temporary purple arrangement changes everything.

Purple Tulips and Roses in Floral Arrangement

I don’t put away all my thick winter throws (usually just the furs), but I do add a few lightweight blankets to the mix like this little white number.

Pottery Barn Upholstered Thatcher Wingback Chairs in Living Room


Basket of Throws and Pillows in Living Room

Two Story Living Room with stacked stone fireplace and built-ins


To create that springtime feel, color is a good place to start, but look at the materials you are using, also. As much as I can’t resist a good sequin or bead, I try to keep my warm weather pillows in lighter fabrics (think linen and cotton) with less embellishment. When you have a stock of neutral pillows, you can use them throughout the year and just sub in a few seasonal favs.

Blue and White Spring Pillows on Gray Couch

ZGallerie Mirrored Coffee Table Details

Blue Coral and Purple Rose and Tulip Flowers

See? I told you I had teacups sprinkled throughout 😉 Whenever I have a large arrangement that only has a few survivors, instead of consolidating into one vase, I like to take a few smaller vessels and spread the flowers around.

Mirrored Console table in living room with purple flowers


Two Story Living Room with stacked stone fireplace and built-ins

Pottery Barn Upholstered Thatcher Wingback Chair in Living Room

In case you missed it, you can read about my quatrefoil mirrors I used as a third row of windows HERE.

Two Story Living Room with stacked stone fireplace and built-ins Airy Elegant Living room

Purple Tulips and Roses in Living Room White Vase

My living room is one big mixture of formal/casual. We spend a lot of time here so it has to be comfortable and functional, but it is the central and most visible part of our home so I don’t want it to look like a basement den. Some of the architectural elements in the room are a huge help, but without some of the more “dressed up” accent choices, the large tv and reclining sofa with cupholders could have quickly spun this space in something more fit for a man cave. One of the most common misconceptions is that you have to stick to one universal style across the room to make it cohesive. While I would be careful about how many styles you are using (yet another reason I love a neutral base), mixing casual with more structured pieces can make your space functional and aesthetically pleasing. We have a mirrored coffee table with champagne finish that we paired with a reclining La-Z-Boy sofa… and it works. We brought in some wing backs to contrast the plushness… and, they work too. Don’t be scared to think outside the box to achieve your goals within your home.

Two Story Living Room with stacked stone fireplace and built-ins Airy Elegant Living room

Two Story Living Room with stacked stone fireplace and built-ins Airy Elegant Living room

Limes in Living Room Vignette on White Garden Stool

Other Sources:

Oversized Tray | Mirrored End Table (Formerly Palais Collection) | Mirrored Coffee Table (Formerly Palais Collection) | Rug: HomeGoods | Sofa: La-Z-Boy Aspen Collection | Paint: Versatile Gray by Sherwin Williams | Flooring: Nottaway Hickory in Weathered Saddle

*Note: Post contains affiliate links and sources throughout the post. Where product is no longer available, a similar substitute has been listed.

If you are itching (hopefully not from pollen) for some more spring decor and inspiration, be sure to check out the posts shared by the group I have joined below. You won’t want to miss any of these ideas!

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  1. 4.6.16

    Everything looks beautiful Kelley! I love the pops of blue and purple sprinkled about your gorgeous room! xo

    • 4.6.16

      Randi, thank you! I think I need some faux in here! xoxo

      • 8.26.16
        rebecca said:

        Hello! Love your style. Can you tell me where you got your couch?

        • 8.28.16

          Thank you! La-Z-Boy Aspen Collection 😉

          • 12.10.16
            Sue said:


            Love that sectional also!! It looks super comfy and gorgeous! I have a quick question. We are thinking of building a home and was wondering if you have the dimensions of the room that the sectional is in. It seems like the perfect size!

          • 12.11.16

            Sue, I don’t off hand but I took measurements before we went to La-Z-Boy and they do custom room mock-ups with the different sectional pieces you’re considering. That is how we determined how many sections to get 😉

          • 1.8.17
            Lin said:

            What is the color and fabric

          • 1.9.17

            Hi, Lin- which piece are you referring?

          • 2.20.17
            Jennifer said:

            Can you tell me the color that is on this aspen sectional.

          • 2.20.17
            Jennifer said:

            Is the fabric of the sofa textured? Is it linen? Any help you could offer on the color?

  2. 4.6.16
    Jennifer said:

    Love it all Kelley…especially the pics of your sweet dogs framed on you console table. xoxo

    • 4.6.16

      Haha, thanks, Jen! They truly are my babes 😉

  3. 4.6.16
    Janet said:

    Such a gorgeous light filled classic space Kelley! Thanks for popping over to visit me:-)

    • 4.6.16

      Janet, thank you! I am so inspired by your beautiful touches.

  4. 4.6.16
    Tana said:

    All those mini arrangements are beautiful. I’m gravitating towards the purple, I’m not gonna lie. That coral is a really close second!!!

    • 4.6.16

      Tana, thank you! Next month, let’s switch. You can give me your oranges 😉

  5. 4.6.16
    Bree said:

    Kelley! Your living space is killing it for spring my friend!! And I’m loving all of the pops of purple for this year…you’ve really knocked it out on the park this time but then I’m not at all surprised!!! :))

    • 4.7.16

      Bree, thank you so much! Like I said, I think I want to go back and add in yellow with that aqua. Yours is stellar!

  6. 4.6.16

    So amazing Kelley! Love how light and bright your living room is. The purple touches are my favorite! xoxo

    • 4.7.16

      Janne, thank you so much! I need to do more with that purple 😉

  7. 4.7.16
    Shauna said:

    Loving the purple in your great room with your beautiful neutral chairs Kel! Also, love that you frame photos of your dogs! I used to do that too, now I just frame my kids..haha! All that coral makes me want to run to the nearest Homegoods and get some!

    • 4.7.16

      Shauna! hahaha I have actually “toned down” some of the “kids’ portraits”. *covers eyes with hands* And yes, I have gotten a lot more coral this year; I may just go back and keep going haha!

  8. 4.7.16
    Mollie said:

    Um Kel, you kinda just blew my mind with how awesome your post is! So many beautiful spring touches. I love it!!! You’re so inspiring. ?

    • 4.7.16

      Oh my goodness, Molls! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You blow my mind. Always 😉 xo

  9. 4.8.16
    Laila said:

    Gorgeous Kel! Loving the soft blues & purples that goes so beautifully with your neutrals. I want to come over in the Spring haha xo!

    • 4.10.16

      Laila, thank you! And haha! I’m serious! But, I would take the summer, fall, or winter too 😉

  10. 4.9.16
    Summer said:

    Kel!!! This is just gorg! Aqua and that fuchsia is one of my absolute favorite color combos!! (as is the pink/green on a maybelline mascara tube lol! no joke, love it so much!) That aqua coral just went into my shopping cart and loving all the teacups. Thanks for such inspiration! Sitting on my hotel bed and going through all of these blog posts and just swooning! xoxo…..

    • 4.10.16

      Summer! You crack me up! Ok, I have never tried it but I love that mascara tubing too! I am always drawn to it (as well as the yellow/purple one) haha. I hope you are having a fabulous trip; lots of fun things on the horizon for you!! xoxo

  11. 4.11.16
    Monica said:

    I love your chairs with the nail-head trim…and your home flooring and stack stone fireplace is beautiful. Wonderful fresh colors….i need to get off my tush and paint my walls light gray…i have dingy beige. What keeps me from doing it is 9 years ago it never dawned me that when i picked a darker color the builder would paint the ceilings the same color in the entire house. Years ago i did attempt painting one room and had neck and arm cramps from painting the ceiling so i stopped…i have great respect for painters. Have a great week!

    • 4.11.16

      Monica, thank you! And despite having sworn I would never paint another room myself, my husband and I tackled a guest room recently. Ceiling and all. It was horrible! HAHA- I too have great respect for painters, now 😉

  12. 5.25.16
    Karina said:

    Love it! What paint color did you use in your living room??

    • 5.25.16

      Karina, thank you! It is Versatile Gray from Sherwin Williams.

  13. 6.2.16
    Kaye said:

    wow so beautiful ???
    I’m just wondering if you use same wall paint color for the whole house ? even upstairs? and kitchen? (I know except dining☺️)
    Thanks! ?

    • 6.2.16

      I used Versatile Gray in most of the house. Kitchen and Breakfast Nook got Perfect Greige (a little darker) 😉

      • 6.2.16
        Kaye said:

        thank you! ??

  14. 6.23.16
    Karin MacLellan said:

    I love your sofa!! I have been searching all over for a big comfy yet elegant sectional. Do you have the color/style fabric? The fabric can make all the difference in the world with the look.
    Thank you!

    • 6.23.16

      Hi, Karin- thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words! I actually do not. I have searched to see if I could locate the original order form and was not able to. I am so sorry! They have a ton of options in store, though 😉

  15. 6.28.16
    Judy Byrd said:

    Beautiful! Where did you get your sectional?

    • 6.28.16

      Judy, thank you! It is from the Aspen Collection at La-Z-Boy ?

  16. 8.9.16
    Amy said:

    Can you please tell me more about the rug in this room?

    • 8.9.16

      Hi, Amy- I found this at HomeGoods- one of those lucky deals! What would you like to know?

      • 8.9.16
        Amy said:

        Lucky you! The brand and any style name or info would be great!

  17. 10.15.16
    Sianny said:

    I love your living room decor! I was wondering how did you mounted and plug the TV cables? I really like that all cables are hidden, how did you make that happen?

    • 10.17.16

      Thank you! We had the builder run a conduit as we were building (the outlets and cable connection are down in the bottom right cabinet). We had a professional mount it 😉

  18. 10.18.16
    Charles said:

    What kind kind of stone is used on the fireplace?

    • 10.19.16

      Charles, I wish I could tell you. Unfortunately, I picked it out without paying attention.

  19. 10.22.16
    lezlie shirley said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! What is your flooring?

  20. 10.26.16
    iva said:

    Really nice, thanks for inspiration 😉

  21. 11.7.16
    Jessica said:

    Hey! Not sure if you mentioned this already but are the flowers real? If not, where do you buy them?


    • 11.10.16

      Hi, Jessica! They are. I typically get them from Costco and Trader Joe’s 😉

      • 12.6.16

        I didn’t know Trader Joe’s had flowers as I’ve never been in there! I will go now. lol…. Gorgeous!

  22. 11.17.16
    Debbie said:

    This room is beautiful! Where are the two wingback chairs from?

  23. 12.6.16

    Hi Kelley! I love your style. 🙂 I found you on Instagram. I was wondering – do you take your own photos? What camera do you use?

  24. 1.2.17
    Michele said:

    Hi Kelly – we are trying to do a similar mantle. Do you have any specifications on this mantle? It is gorgeous!

    Thank you!!!

    • 1.4.17

      Thank you so much! I believe it is about 60″ wide; it is also a fabricated stone.

  25. 1.5.17
    Cara said:

    In LOVE with your decor!! Where did you get your pillows and coral?

    • 1.9.17

      Cara, thank you! All of that came from HomeGoods last year 😉

  26. 1.12.17
    Aly said:

    Love it! We are designing a similar room right now. What is the length from window wall to stairs? Or window wall to end of built-in? I’m so bad at judging space in pictures but this looks exactly how I want mine! Lots of seating/light and pretty/but totally livable!

  27. 1.21.17
    Heather said:

    Hi! It’s beautiful-I love everything! What are the dimensions of that room?

    • 1.24.17

      Heather, I’m not quite sure; I would have to measure.

      • 3.24.18
        Anita said:

        Hi Kelley. I just found this online. Do you happen to have or know the dimensions for this room? It’s beautiful.
        Thank you

        • 3.26.18

          Hi, Anita and thank you so much for visiting with me! It is a little odd shaped and I am not sure of the dimensions. It is on the narrow side but would have to measure…

  28. 3.9.17
    Laura said:

    Gorgeous home!! Would love to know the color of the trim and bookshelves?? It looks so clean and white… But not too stark white like a lot of trim colors..

    • 3.12.17

      Hi, Laura! It is Creamy by Sherwin Williams.

  29. 3.15.17
    Angela said:

    Hi Kelly! I just moved and my great room is almost exactly like yours. I have been searching for a sectional and this would be perfect! Th size and color are what I need! Did you have any luck finding the name or number of the fabric of the sectional? Any help is appreciated!


    • 3.16.17

      Hi, Angela! Thank you! I actually just called; the fabric was “Cobblestone” and is now discontinued :/ It looks like they still have a lot of similar ones, though! I would definitely look at swatches in person. Best of luck!

      • 3.17.17
        Angela said:

        Thanks so much for getting back to me!!

  30. 8.20.17
    Angela Dunn said:

    Hi Kelley Nan,
    Love your fireplace. I saw in an earlier comment that you didn’t remember the name of the stone you used, but could you tell me if you used a mason to install it because it was individual stone or if it goes on more like a stacked stone tile that came in sheets?


    • 8.23.17

      Hi, Angela! It was part of our construction but it was done individually.

  31. 10.31.17
    darla said:

    love the look of your living room, the tone color its kinda soothing and the hardwood ! i love the color on that woodenfloor, what kind of wood do u use?

    • 11.7.17

      It is Nottaway Hickory in Weathered Saddle 😉

  32. 1.3.18
    Jen Foglia said:

    Love all the different looks you do for this room. Interested in seeing what you do for Winter … after all the Christmas decor is put away. Can you share give us another tour specifically for the Winter season?

  33. 1.12.18
    Brittany said:

    Hi Kelley,
    Could you tell me the dimensions of this room? We are adding an addition to our home and this room looks to be the perfect size for what I am wanting. Thanks!

    • 1.12.18

      Hi, Brittany! I don’t have anything to reference and they aren’t written down; I would have to take measurements when I am able.

  34. 6.11.18
    Lourdes said:

    Hi, First your home is beautiful! I tried clicking on the link for the chairs in your living room (the 2 beautiful ones with the nail head), I think the link is no longer functioning may I know where you got them from please. Thanks.

  35. 11.27.18
    Felicia Williams said:

    Hi Kelley,

    Are you still enjoying your sofa? Have there been any downsides? I’m interested in making the investment in this piece but looking for cushions that will stay firm for more than 1-2 years. Loved your pics and advice in this post!

    • 12.4.18

      Hi, Felicia! They are still pretty new and we are enjoying them! I can’t speak to years down the road but you will have more longevity probably with one of the versions that are offered in down (like the Pierce). So far, so good for us though 😉

      • 12.6.18
        Felicia said:

        Wonderful! Thank you!

  36. 1.21.20
    Renee Thompson said:

    Gorgeous! I wonder … do you have any thoughts on window treatments for this type of wall? We have the same wall of windows and thinking about roman shades for the bottom?

  37. 1.23.21
    Cindy said:

    Hello Kelly what size is the rug?

    • 1.26.21

      Hi Cindy, Thank you for your visit! I no longer have that rug, but I believe it was 8 x 10′. Hope this helps!

  38. 6.14.22
    Bev said:

    Where can I buy the wingback chair in this article/ photo

  39. 12.5.23
    Leanne said:

    Hi where is the curved sofa from ? I can’t seem to find any links
    Thank you xx

    • 12.5.23

      Thank you for stopping by, Leanne. The sofa is from La-Z-Boy. We no longer have this sofa, but it was so comfortable!