20 Best Purchases Over the Past Month

One of my favorite things about what I do is sharing things I order that make me excited — especially if it’s a good deal, is unique, solves a major problem, or facilitates a cool “hack”. And, when I realize how well something works or that other people should know just how great XYZ is, I always make a mental note to try to share soon. Inevitably, I often never get around to it, it goes out of stock, etc. So today, I committed to sharing my 20 favorite (actually, 21* favorite) purchases over the past month, all in one place. From food to kid stuff to Amazon discoveries to home helpers, it’s all in there! Let’s get to it.

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1. Soft, Ribbed Kids’ Short PJ Set

Admittedly, I’ve always been a pj snob when it comes to what Eliza sleeps in. It stemmed from wanting her to wear the softest gowns and sets when she was a baby  — both for her skin and also because I loved how it felt holding her. And since then, my affinity for bamboo, modal, and stretchy, cozy pjs has only grown. It’s also been an *almost* embarrassing (but worth it to us) splurge — I swear by Childhoods clothing knit sets and Kyte Baby. But, this past October, I needed to find a black and white set quickly for Halloween. I was surprised by the rave reviews of THIS long sleeved pant set and at under $19, they were a great deal. I didn’t have high expectations and didn’t need it to be anything phenomenal since it was for a Halloween costume. Well, I was shocked when they arrived — so similar to our Childhoods sets and with a price tag of 60%+ less. Once summer rolled around, I wanted to try their short sets. So soft, stretchy, and perfect. They are ribbed, come in TONS of colors (we ordered purple, yellow, and orange HERE and a striped green set HERE. As an added benefit, they ship free via Prime and have an extra 10% off coupon attached to the listing today HERE. They are made to have a fitted fit, run TTS, and I will continue to purchase them over and over.We still purchase from our favorite small businesses but we’ve also added the brand from Amazon to the mix.

20 Favorite Recent Purchases

Short PJ Set | Rattan Trunk

2. Motion Sensor Tape Lights — A Fun Add On to Our Finally Completed Bathroom

During our family vacation last year, the bathroom was outfitted with motion-detector tape lights on the bottom of the vanities. I fell in love with the intuitive function and the little extra element of luxury. It was especially awesome that we were able to use the bathroom without disturbing Eliza in her room with fully bright light. While the hotel room had a sophisticated hard-wired system, I instead searched for a budget, non-wired option that would be easy to install. I landed on THESE rechargeable tape lights and added them to the bottom of our vanities in our bathroom (see the bathroom reveal and details HERE). They come as single strands and as sets of two with two color options (I have the warm white version). I was able to install them myself in minutes — so simple! They are so so smart and “know” when they need to be activated — they only come on if they detect that the surroundings are dark so they can save power during the day. They’d also be great in closets, behind mirrors, below hand rails, under cabinets, and more. A single strand is just over $12 and a set of two is $20 — they ship free via Amazon HERE.

Bathroom Motion Sensor Lights Below Vanity

SourcesVanity | Sconce | Mirror (31 x 48″ brushed brass finish) | Faucet (polished nickel) | Marble Tray | Soap Dispenser | Soap Dispenser Labels | White Tassel Hand Towel | Motion Sensor Tape Lights

3. Silicone Body Scrubber 

I became a silicone body scrub fan last year and ditched the old loofah after realizing all the benefits (stays cleaner, lasts indefinitely…) When we finished our bathroom, I wanted to trade my neon pink scrubber in for a more subdued hue and grabbed THIS one in white. I love the back pop-socket-esque grib that firmly stays between my fingers so much more than the flexible loop version I previously used! I got one for Dave too; if you haven’t yet tried these or made the switch, grab one HERE. They ship free via Amazon and have a $2 off coupon today that makes them $4.78!

20 Favorite Recent Purchases

4. The BEST Glass Window Cleaner

As you may imagine, the little fingers in our house leave lots of smudges behind on our glass-topped dining table and mirrors. I’ve been a fan of THIS glass window cleaner for years and have shared it in the past. I just ordered THIS two-pack, which shipped for free, and had to share it again. Its streak-free formula makes cleaning glass and mirrors a quick process and I like to use THESE microfiber cleaning cloths that work way better than paper towels in the cleaning and buffing process — no paper bits left behind and no smudges! We have a glass table we eat dinner at each night so the best glass cleaner is a must.

20 Favorite Recent Purchases

5. Metal Polishing Cloths 

Until they were installed, I did not realize my polished nickel sconces in the bathroom were susceptible to tarnishing. While they look incredibly similar, polished nickel requires way more maintenance than chrome. The more I tried to clean them with standard cleaning products, the worse it got. I found THESE metal polishing cloths that truly work wonders. Not only did it brighten the sconces and remove the tarnish, I was able to use them on the other polished nickel items in the bathroom, such as the shower hinges. The reviews are fantastic and they can be used on other metals, too! As with any cleaning product, it’s important to read up on its exact use for various metals and finishes.

20 Favorite Recent Purchases

6. Dinosaur Taco Stand

Most weeks, tacos of some sort make it onto our menu. We’ve had THESE standard taco stands for some time, which Dave and I usually use, but Eliza has never had one of her own, as in the past she has preferred her taco to be “de-constructed”. Well, my mom thought that basically made Eliza deprived of the full Taco Tuesday experience and so she recently found THIS ONE for her. (Yes, Eliza loves her baby dolls and such, but she also LOVES dinosaurs!) And, her first taco night with her dinosaur taco holder, she was just beside herself. Eliza has the triceratops, but the dinosaur taco stand is also available in a T-Rex version (HERE). They even hold sandwiches, hot dogs and more. There’s even a chip and dip set in a Stegosaurus version (HERE). All ship for free via Prime.

20 Favorite Recent Purchases

7. My Favorite Swimsuit Cover Up

As we were preparing for our beach trip earlier in the season, I found THIS cover-up and loved it so much, I went back for more colors. But, they were all sold out… and they stayed sold out. Until now. They’ve restocked in four key colors! The fit is oversized (I prefer a really oversized fit so I went with my regular size) and you can wear it buttoned, unbuttoned, or somewhere in between. The gauzy fabric is so soft, which is perfect when you’ve been out in the sun for a bit too long. At the same time, it’s lightweight and breathable, so you don’t burn up in the hotter temps. I love it so much, I wanted some additional colors, and in my search, I found THIS similar alternative on Amazon that’s good, too. It’s a little less than the original, ships free, and comes in 14 colors. I still like the fit of the original a little more, but the Amazon version (HERE) is a great alternative!

Fave Swim Coverup

8. Portable (Waterproof) Bluetooth Speaker

Another item we purchased for our beach trip is THIS portable (and waterproof) bluetooth speaker.  It was perfect for the beach (we hung it from our beach umbrella) and for poolside. It provides up to twelve hours of streaming, has almost 106k 5* reviews (!!!) and the sound quality is superb. It comes in a few color options and is compared in reviews to a Bose! Grab it HERE.

20 Favorite Recent Purchases

9. Summertime Doormats and Layering Rugs 

On our last visit to Target, my mom and I happened upon THIS adorable patriotic doormat. Once we placed it upon THIS coordinating red and white fringed layering rug, I was sold and in they went in my shopping cart. The next end cap we came up featured THIS cute doormat that is perfect to have out summertime-long. THIS black and white layering rug was the perfect complement to the doormat and my mom quickly snatched them up! I also love THIS hospitable pineapple version, which would also go perfectly with THIS black and white layering rug. And the price for each individual piece can’t be beat at $13 for each piece!

20 Favorite Recent Purchases

10. Men’s Slide Sandals

Dave has always been a flip flop man, for the pool, the beach and at home. But he has always been very particular about the softness of the “thong” that fits between your toes. Thus, we were often faced with the purchase of more expensive flip flop versions due to the comfort factor. I’ve been loving the slide sandals I’ve recently found this season, like THESE, and when I happened upon THESE under $20 comfy slides for men, I couldn’t resist. They are cushiony, come in several different colors, and best of all, Dave LOVES them!

20 Favorite Recent Purchases

11. Soft Jersey Mini-Striped Sheet Set

Yes…we are still waiting on Eliza’s “big girl” bed to arrive. In the meantime, she is sleeping on her “big girl” mattress and I’m so proud to report that she is making her bed almost every day. I just shared THIS four-piece striped set in my last post but felt so strongly, I had to share again. The jersey sheets are made from organic cotton, come in several different colors, three sizes, and they get softer after each wash. We have the lilac color, which will ultimately coordinate with her other permanent bedding. And did I mention this four-piece sheet set is less than $40 HERE?

5 Favorite Pieces from the Gap Home Kids Line at Walmart

Nightstand | Table Lamp | Crown Trinket Dish | Gold Matted Frames | Striped Jersey Sheet Set | Throw Pillow | Tassel Throw Blanket

12. Tiled Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

We eat dinner together as a family most nights. It’s Eliza’s job is to set the table, and while the placement of the items is not quite proper, it’s teaching her the importance of table etiquette and responsibilities. We’ve had the same set of salt and pepper shakers at the table for years, but I recently found THIS cute set for our every day use. THESE are the bistro-style version in black, white and gold, but I also love THIS garden-style version that comes in pink with yellow and green accents. NOTE: a few of you had commented the set is out of stock. It is not (currently.) You just have to make sure to tap on the color option and the size.

20 Favorite Recent Purchases

13. Cute Animal Planters

Nothing adds a breath of fresh spring and summer, like adding fresh green plants to your home. But it’s not just about adding pretty plants…it’s about the vessels. I have so many planter and pots and had no business ordering another… but I couldn’t resist. I just got THIS cute blowfish planter, which is a perfect addition to a bathroom, playroom or outdoor deck. I haven’t brought a little plant home for it just yet 😉 At the same time, my mom got THIS turtle planter that looks vintage and adds just the right touch to her bedroom sitting area. I also love THIS planter, that would be a great accent to a playroom or child’s bedroom.

20 Favorite Recent Purchases

14. Pretty White Bath Mats

When it comes to bath mats and bath rugs, I am all about the pretty details, like fringe, patterns and tassels, especially for guest baths and powder rooms. But when you are using your bath mats every day, it’s important to me that I have ones that are comfortable underfoot, sleek in design and easy to care for. THESE Turkish bath mats fit the bill perfectly! They come in three different sizes and six different colors. We have two of the white in the smallest size. Most importantly, they are machine-washable, which is not usually the case with other bath mats and rugs.

20 Favorite Recent Purchases

Marble Shower with Vertical Tiles

SourcesShower Door Handle | Shower Head | Shower Arm | Hand Shower | Hand Shower Holder | Lever | Hand Shower Hose | Shower Drain | Bath Mat | Bath Towel | Towel Hook | Floor Tile (12 x 24″) | Shower Wall Tile (2.5 x 8″)| Niche and Shower Floor Tile | Outside Shower Curb Tile (12″x24″ – cut) |  Towel Hook (polished nickel) | Bath Towel

15. Little Girl Houndstooth Dress

I’ve had my eye on THIS navy and red houndstooth check dress for Eliza for a year. It just arrived and was 60% off. I also took advantage of the sale to buy THIS and THIS swimsuit and THIS swimsuit coverup (there’s a major swim sale right now!). Her summer “lewk” is also now complete with THESE darling striped round sunglasses. Of course, I couldn’t stop there and also purchased several items for next year, including THIS blue gingham smocked dress, THIS ruffle pink dress and THIS ruffle trim dotted Swiss dress. Of course, the arrival of these prompted a good time to mini-purge Eliza’s closet!

20 Favorite Recent Purchases

16. New Counter Depth Fridge

Our deep refrigerator jutting out has always bothered me. Finally, after years of mechanical problems with frozen lines and non-functioning ice makers, we swapped our fridge for a counter-depth model! I can’t even believe what a difference it makes in terms of aesthetic and feeling like there’s more kitchen space. Because there’s only an ice maker in the bottom drawer, we also didn’t lose any shelf space. If anything, it feels more spacious! I love the sleek front but filtered fridge water is a must for me. This fridge actually has a water dispenser inside!

20 Favorite Recent Purchases

17. Gold Matted Frame for Precious Artwork

I knew I wanted a gold frame for Eliza’s first “masterpiece,” but also wanted something relatively inexpensive. THIS gold aluminum frame, complete with the mat, is it. I ordered the 11 x 14″ size, and with the mat, it fits 8 x 10″ artwork or a picture perfectly. It ships free from Amazon, is under $19 and right now, has an extra 10% off coupon attached to the listing HERE. And speaking of picture frames, I also found THESE natural wood-grained, poster-sized frames that come in a pack of two and used one for THIS botanical butterfly print we added to the playroom. The framed botanical print made a really nice art piece for less than $35. My mom ordered THESE poster-sized frames in gold for some prints that she found on our recent girls’ trip to Chateau Elan.

Ideas for Playroom Decor

18. Dot’s Pretzels

After passing them every time I went inside the store, I finally grabbed a bag to try. Oh. My. Heavens. The honey mustard is my favorite and I can’t quit buying them. Have you tried THESE yet?

20 Favorite Recent Purchases

19. Outdoor Rug

Nothing feels better after a long winter and Georgia pollen season, than changing out all of the faded and pollen-stained textiles. I recently shared the details on my recent back deck refresh HERE. One of the best change outs we made was adding THIS outdoor rug– which was under $75 and shipped free via Amazon HERE.It seems to be thicker and more supple than most outdoor rugs we’ve had in the past and the color scheme is not apt to show dirt as easily as a stark light or dark color would. I also added THESE pillow covers in black and in white to my seating area. They are a phenomenal deal and come in a pack of two in a ton of colors and sizes.


Sources: Sectional (similar) | Rug | Lights | Wall Baskets | Black Pillow Covers (set of 2) — 22″ | White/Nautral Pillow Covers (set of 2) — 22″ | Pillow Inserts (set of 2) — 24″

20. 17-Month Planner

I know we all have our preferred methods of making “to do” lists and calendar planning. The methods that work best for me are a virtual to do list, an electronic calendar and a “week at a glance” planning notebook. I prefer a 17-month planner that begins in August, because let’s face it, the busiest times of the year are about to begin with the return to school and the start of the holidays. But somehow, I always order late and miss (and waste) the first month or two of the “new” planning year. Not to pat myself on the back (haha,) but I have ordered and received my new 2022 – 2023 planner that begins in August and it’s already in use. I also have THIS clipfolio for manual planning.

Best 20 Recent Purchases

**BONUS — TV Sleek Socket**

Remember how I described how I’m revamping my office in THIS office plan post? Well, my cabinet and bins arrived! But… when I first designed my office (back in 2016!) Dave was going to run the TV wire inside the wall. We didn’t get around to it before the reveal and then it was never made a priority again. So, while that is back on the eventual to-do list, I wanted the black TV cords hidden in some capacity NOW. I looked for simple options that I could tackle and came across THIS “sleek socket” on Amazon, meant for TV wires. In addition to giving you a flush outlet so your furniture can scoot against the wall, it has multiple outlets on the end of the extension cord for your TV, Fire Stick, etc. It also comes with adhesive cord management clamps to secure everything behind your TV. Here’s how mine turned out! For less than $25 and 10 minutes of work, I’m so happy with the result! Find all the different options, depending on your setup HERE.

Clean Up TV Cords

Sleek Socket | Buffet Cabinet | Bins

By the way, I was shocked by how solid and heavy that cabinet was when it arrived, and it’s still on sale for $500 off HERE.

Do you have any of these and if so, do you share the same affinity? I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy the last of your weekend.

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  1. 6.26.22
    Kimberly Hubartt said:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post these fabulous finds! My first purchase are the patriotic rugs ❤️ my son being a Marine they are particularly meaningful as a front door welcome.
    Many blessings,

    • 6.27.22

      Kimberly, Thank you for taking the time to visit. I simply could not resist sharing some of my favorite finds and the rugs are definitely at the top of the list. My thanks to your son and your family for his service.

  2. 6.26.22
    Ann said:

    I’m obsessed with Dots!!

    • 6.27.22

      Ann, I feel like I’ve been missing out. I love them, too!