One Pillow Six Ways | How to Mix and Match for Spring


Using pillows to update your look is one of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to reinvent your decor. I have a few I keep out year round that coordinate throughout any season, regardless of the patterns and accent colors I use. All too often though, you (I) can get caught up in thinking that those versatile pillows have to be solid, neutral, or serve no other purpose aside from taking a backseat and being a “filler” pillow for the more important, statement pillows.

To prove this common misconception incorrect, I selected one patterned, bold pillow (which I will refer to as the “anchor pillow”), to show how you can use even your statement pillows throughout various looks. You can coordinate without matching. Most of my “anchor pillows” are white because regardless of how many times I change my accent colors throughout the year, my goal is to keep a neutral feel throughout my spaces. Something I hope to start doing more of though, starting this summer, is to get a little bolder in mixing my patterns.

With this midnight blue, embroidered chevron pillow (HERE) as my “anchor pillow”, the safe bet would be to pair it with the obvious, white or navy. And, that is still totally ok. But, when you accept that the possibilities don’t have to end with the obvious, creating totally new styles can bring new life to some of those pillows you had previously stashed in a closet. From preppy to nautical, from islander to Moroccan, I have created a few looks based on six interpretations and directions of one, bold chevron pillow. You can shop each of the looks below:







I hope this gave you a new way to look at some of your older decor. My challenge to you is to pull out some of your discarded pillows and try to pair them together in unexpected ways. Success? Let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. 4.12.16
    Gretchen Thomas said:

    As a wise “Nan” once said: “You can never have too many pillows!” All of these looks are fabulous!

    • 4.12.16

      Nan, thank you! When you get here, I definitely think I will be in the market for some new pillows haha!

  2. 4.12.16
    Angelique said:

    Love this Kelley! Each look is beautiful. Xox

    • 4.12.16

      Angelique, thank you so much and thank you for visiting!

  3. 4.13.16
    Tamara said:

    So fabulous! I love them all!

    • 4.13.16

      Tam, thank you! I want the set up with the palm leaves for my upstairs porch.

  4. 4.13.16
    Jennifer said:

    Great post Kelley! I must admit, I a big chicken when it comes to mixing patterns. You did it flawlessly! I’ve been obsessing over the embroidered medallion pillow for a while…may have to add it to my collection.

    • 4.14.16

      Jen, thank you! I always love your gorgoues, plush, neutral pillows!

  5. 4.14.16
    Jennifer Gainer said:

    All great options, but I personally am either number 1 or number 6.

    • 4.14.16

      Jennifer, oh my goodness, I love that you stopped by! Thank you! I think I am wanting to do a little of #4 this summer 😉 We MUST get together soon!