Fall Has Hit the Living Room & It’s Full of Traditional Colors!

It’s officially October and despite the temps saying otherwise, we loaded our family in the car a few days ago and braved a sweltering morning at the pumpkin farm. No sugarcoating it – it was miserable haha. We kept Eliza shaded except to attempt a few quick, sweaty, non-smiling shots, and then I made a mad dash through the sun-stricken rows, tossing pumpkins in the wheelbarrow without much of a plan, as quickly as possible. Surviving that day, alongside our little family, is this photo…

Fall Pumpkin Patch with Baby

and a central room of pumpkin patch proof. I don’t know that I’ve committed to full on orange inside our home for fall but this year, I’m all about it. Today, I’m sharing our fall-decorated living room and how I was able to easily transition the space with as minimal effort as possible 😉 Naptime hustles are real these days!

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Navy and Orange Fall Living Room

To simplify things, I made a plan to use the same color palette I’ve had in this room for the past year. I wanted to go a little more traditional-fall and love how oranges look with the blues that were already present throughout the room. Also, total honesty, some seasons I just don’t have the energy to go through our basement stash… this is one of those years. So, I relied solely on a few year-round-appropriate textile changes, nature, and one single order of a couple stems at the beginning of the season to transition our main level from summer. With limited time and getting creative with easily accessible resources, this is what our living room looks like today.

Fall living room decor and stone fireplace inspo

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Fall Living Room Decorating Ideas

After getting this beverage tub last year, I loved it so much, I wanted to keep it on display. So, I used it for a log holder through the winter with every intention of putting it away for spring. Well, instead, I ended up using it for throw blankets and pillows and a few months ago, decided it would stay for fall too, with a vision of overflowing pumpkins. Because I knew I wouldn’t be going crazy with fall decor, I wanted to choose one main focal point to really make an impact — this fireplace hearth is it.

Fall fireplace decorating ideas with pumpkins

This versatile plaid throw can read both gray and blue and is the perfect neutral, regardless of color scheme. I bought it a few years ago but it’s still available HERE.

Fall home decor ideas with orange pumpkins and plaid

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My bookshelves took minimal styling to incorporate just a tad of fall…

Fall shelf styling for living room builtins

and brought in a few clippings from our Japanese maple.

How to decorate builtin shelves for fall

Fall shelf decor in the living room with orange pumpkins and maple leaves

Whenever the season changes or my decorating vibe changes, I love flipping the pages to one of my favorite coffee table books. It’s a simple (free!) way to punctuate the season; THIS BOOK (open on my coffee table) has gorgeous floral spreads in tons of color schemes.

Fall coffee table decorating ideas

Fall coffee table details

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Fall fireplace and living room inspiration

Fall decorating ideas with orange pumpkins

Simple fall living room table styling and decor ideas

I did make a few easy pillow switches; I use my neutral and blue pillows more than any others I own, for all seasons, in every room. I kept these woven linen ivory pillows (in 24″) that I’ve had in the living room all year and added these textured 22″ pillows in honey (on sale right now for $28!), and lastly, incorporated these washed velvet 20″ pillows in midnight blue.

Traditional fall decorating ideas and inspo for the living room

Fall color scheme of navy blue and orange

On the console table, I added one of only two new stems I purchased for the season. I love these because unlike a lot of faux stems, I only had to use ONE in this large vase to get this look. It is long so the base of the stem is folded inside; it’s also on sale right now for 40% off — you can shop it HERE. The colors are more muted so the blend well with just about any fall look you could go for.

Fall decorating ideas and console table styling and decor

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Fall home decor with leaves and pumpkins

Fall living room ideas with navy blue and orange color scheme

Fall fireplace inspo and decor ideas

Traditional fall decorating Ideas for the living room

I’ll be sharing my fall porch soon as long as my mums don’t bite the dust before I return home from an impromptu trip to Lower Alabama to visit Gran Nan 😉 Orange pumpkins and spontaneous trips?! I don’t even know who I am anymore haha. Have a great weekend and if you’re in the south like me, good luck faking your intro to fall in the coming days! You can subscribe to receive emails and updates at the bottom of this post; I’ll have holiday content starting before too long 😉

Room Sources

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  1. 10.3.19
    Sharon said:

    I love the simplicity of your living room’s Fall update. The season is easily recognizable without going over the top. As always, it’s perfection.

  2. 10.3.19
    Nancy Galyan said:

    Your little one is perfection 😍

  3. 10.3.19
    Jayne Z said:

    Eliza is darling. She may not remember her first pumpkin patch experience, but someday the photos will capture her first adventures.

  4. 10.3.19
    Martina said:

    Ahhh This is stunning as always Kelley! I’m also prepping our living room for an easy navy and orange transition this fall. It’s sweltering here in Cincinnati so I feel your pain and I’m not looking forward to trying to deck out the porch in this heat. Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration!

  5. 10.3.19
    Wanda said:

    Navy and orange it is! Beautiful room! Thanks for your posts!

  6. 10.3.19
    Sarita Owens said:

    This is beautiful. I currently have yellow and navy accents (summer), but I’m going to switch it up for fall with some orange accents after seeing this. Looking forward to seeing your porch redo as well. I’ve subscribed.

  7. 10.5.19

    Simple and cosy. I love the idea of opening a book to a fall page!!! Beautiful.

    • 11.5.19

      Thank you so much- and it is such an easy (free) trick!

  8. 10.7.19
    charmaine clarke said:

    Love love the muted tones and simplicity of the design.

  9. 10.7.19
    Charlotte said:

    OMG! You’re daughter is beautiful! I mean your house looks fantastic, but she’s a doll!

  10. 10.10.22
    Eleganza Rooms said:

    Thanks for sharing the blog: FALL HAS HIT THE LIVING ROOM . Love you bro

    • 10.10.22

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by. Happy Fall to you!