Three Ways to Bring Spring to the Kitchen for Less Than $10

Happy Valentine’s Day! This time last year, I still had icy, frosted wreaths hanging in celebration of winter. This year, the weather never fully committed so I’m still wearing flip flops from last summer. I’m ready to divorce the idea of a cozy winter and exchange that hope for an early spring. Seriously, though. I was at my accountant’s office yesterday evening, looked around, and realized the cherry blossoms were in full bloom! I snapped a quick shot and posted it to Instagram in honor of Valentine’s Day, but what I’m really thinking is that Mother Nature went on vacation and her sub is dropping the ball.

So, that’s it. I will not be a slave to winter decor because of the date. Some of you may be buried in a snow drift but for those of you down south, you feel me, right?! I may not be breaking out beach balls and straw purses just yet but I was more than ready to bring just a hint of warm weather indoors. So,  while I was at Trader Joe’s, I grabbed a few no-fail staples, came home, and set to work. If you are in the same boat as me, all you need is your local grocery store for these three ways to bring spring to the kitchen for less than $10.


I love using lemonade, sparkling waters, and pretty juices to add a lil’ pizzazz to the kitchen and bar carts. In the fall/winter it’s all about heavier drinks and ciders but during the warm weather months, anything that looks cheery or makes you think “refreshing” is a good pick. Bonus- using consumable items to decorate is super affordable.


Don’t get me wrong, you can go full on floral and create a gorgeous spring display but a bunch of leafy green eucalyptus goes a long way, lasts a long time, and will only set you back about $2.99. It’s a total win in my book!

You can get it year-round but the the simple act of bringing green in, will make you start thinking about the outdoors. I have had hydrangeas spread throughout the house for several weeks so I brought a single bloom into the island vignette, but it totally isn’t necessary. Costco will sometimes have the big, flat eucalyptus but Trader Joe’s has it every. single. day.

I don’t think I’ve shared my wooden medallions on the wall next to the garage door; I found them at HomeGoods but have a near identical medallion in my office from World Market which you can find HERE. It’s currently on sale for under $50 😉


Another easy, inexpensive way to bring in all the warm weather vibes – citrus. I purchased two bags of limes for $1.29/each and put them in a clear cube vase for an instant bounty of freshness.

Will I use two bags of limes? Unless we switch to margarita night every night for the next week, no. But for $2.50, it doesn’t matter if they won’t all actually be consumed. It is fresh, inexpensive decor. If you insist on having them serve another purpose, plan to use them in cooking, infuse your water, and, grind them in your disposal for the “fresh factor”.


Those three grocery items will instantly transition your kitchen but if you want to go a little further, look in your drawers and bring out a colorful kitchen towel…

…and haul out the fresh scented candles. I found this little green number at HomeGoods and had to have it; it smells almost identical to my favorite volcano candle! These will now be on my permanent “hunt list” when I shop.

What do you do to rush welcome in the coming season? Are you buried in snow? Or, are you “over” the non-winter? Do you decorate with items from the grocery store? I want to hear all about it!

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  1. 2.14.17

    That cherry blossom is divine! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in real life. One more reason to visit Atlanta. Your kitchen ideas are fabulous and your photos are absolutely amazing. xoxo

    • 2.15.17

      Jen, yes yes yes!! Thank you so much- we MUST plan our next reunion!

  2. 2.14.17
    Joni King said:

    Love the Spring inspiration Kelley Nan! I’m ready to change up a few things at my house and you have given me some really great ideas! Hugs!
    P.S. Your photos are incredible !

    • 2.15.17

      Joni, thank you!! Are y’all still covered in snow up there?

  3. 2.15.17
    Jessica said:

    Hi Kelly! Where did you find the adorable white ceramic pear!

  4. 2.15.17
    Julie said:

    Really enjoy your site!! By the way, what kind of hardwoods do you have? Thanks Julie

    • 2.16.17

      Hi, Julie! Thank you- they are Nottaway Hickory in Weathered Saddle.

  5. 2.15.17
    Kimberly said:

    You amaze me, and thank you so much for sharing the beauty of the cherry blossoms! I never thought about setting out beverages fit for Spring…I’m off to the market. Even though I live near Indianapolis the last two days have been beautiful here, of course I’m ready for anything since one day can be so different from the next. My kitchen needs some love (and our new windows come 27th) so I’m super excited to have these tips! I love how practical and natural yet LOVELY-GLAM your décor is. Love ya Kelly Nan!

    • 2.15.17
      Kimberly said:

      Correction Kelley Nan 🙂

    • 2.16.17

      Kimberly, you are so sweet! Were you successful at the market??

      • 2.23.17
        Kimberly said:

        Yes, I was. It’s amazing what a “dab” will do, you are incredible! Like you, I enjoy keeping my kitchen more simple-it just seems classy to me that way. Since you mentioned the Volcano candle being your favorite-yes I hang on your words-of course I HAD to find one to see if I loved it too. (Can you tell I think we must be soul sisters?) I saw that I could find one at Francesca’s. Kelley, it’s such a fresh and beautiful fragrance! I just knew I would love it. It reminds me very much of my favorite which is a Voluspa Goji Tarocco Orange candle. Bit by bit my home is transforming to a space I love, thank you again!

        • 2.24.17

          Kimberly, reading this makes me want to give you a big hug, soul sister! I’m so glad you liked the volcano scent. I was at HomeGoods and they had two more of the similar knock-offs and of course, I had to grab them up 😉

  6. 2.15.17
    Paula said:

    Kelley you always have such amazing decor ideas and I love reading your blog each & every time. Here in the Midwest, Missouri, to be exact, old man winter has been very mild on us thus far. Hope he stays at bay and we go right into spring. Your pics are amazing as always! You inspire me so!

    • 2.16.17

      Paula, hello from the south! I’m with you- winter missed its chance to be cold. Let’s go, spring! Thank you for taking the time to leave me a note <3

  7. 2.15.17
    Ivory said:

    Let me just say, if I had a fablous kitchen like this, my family would get more home cooked meals.??? I love everything about your gorgeous kitchen and thanks fr sharing. Please come to our house and help me obtain a kitchen like this.

    • 2.16.17

      Ivory, thank you so much! We cook at home most every night so it definitely gets a workout 😉

  8. 2.15.17

    Love your kitchen! I use a lot of faux fruit for my Spring Decor, oranges go in a big white bowl and sits on counter. Lemons go in clear glass cylinder and sits atop my fridge. I have not decorated for Spring yet. Valentines Decor must come down first. LOL Be sure and stop by my blog and check out my 50 shades darker tablescape I created for a photo book.

    • 2.16.17

      Lisa, I use a lot of faux, too! That sounds awesome!

  9. 2.15.17
    Kathy Prince said:

    Hi Kelley, once again I get such inspiration from you. I have two questions? Am I seeing a hint of gray in your kitchen wall color? Next, we’ll be purchasing our fridge in the next couple of weeks, how are you liking yours? Actually, I have three questions, I’m not crazy about stainless steel appliances, but have them. As I’m looking at refrigerators I was wondering if I would be committing a no, no if I brought in a newer slate or black stainless steel color with my stainless steel appliances? Also, do you hire out for design advice? Thanks!

    • 2.16.17

      Hi, Kathy! It is Perfect Greige by Sherwin Williams – a mix between gray and beige 😉 I love our fridge; personally, I prefer my appliance finishes to match. I do not offer design or consulting services but will absolutely announce if that changes!

      • 2.16.17
        Kathy Prince said:

        Thanks Kelley! My husband agrees with matching colors on appliances. So, guess we’ll be going all stainless. Thanks for your opinion! Will be watching for that announcement.

  10. 2.15.17
    Carissa said:

    Love this post and I was in serious need of some inspi for styling my kitchen without breaking the bank. And that cherry blossoms shot is so gorgeous!

    • 2.16.17

      CC, I am so glad! Thank you for visiting with me!

  11. 2.17.17
    Kate simoneau said:

    Did your runner come from Costco? Is there a non slip bottom on it? Thank you I love your kitchen.

    • 2.17.17

      It did! And, I need to but it doesn’t have one yet haha. It does do pretty well staying in place.

  12. 6.12.17
    Karmen Mayorga said:

    I love this! When my bedroom was decorated in yellow, I put a clear bowl filled with bright yellow lemons to add some pizzaz! I did use all the lemons – every morning I would add a whole lemon to a warm glass of water for a health kick.

    • 6.23.17

      I love that! If you have them handy, it’s easier to do infused ice waters, too!