16 Ways to Use Indoor Planters Throughout the House

Planters are arguably the most versatile decor when it comes to home accessories — right up there with baskets 😉 Because of their limitless uses, I’ve also guiltlessly amassed quite the collection I rotate through (also like baskets). I’m all for classic multifunctional pieces that can move from spot to spot, serving different purposes — and serving up different looks — everywhere they go. After realizing just how many ways I use planters indoors, I was motivated to make a list — and even brainstorm a few more — to share all the ways little pots can be used (most of which don’t even require a green thumb 😉 ). So today, you’ll find 16 ideas for planters throughout the house, suitable for every room, from the kitchen to the dining room and bedroom!

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Ideas & Uses for Planters

While planters are indoor-appropriate year-round, their availability is more rampant during the spring. Plus, if you’re looking for a way to lighten your indoor decor and shift to a lighter look and away from the colder, heavier aesthetic of winter, even though planters don’t have to be used exclusively for plants, they can still evoke a light, plant-like, spring vibe. But, planters can be… costly. Can being the key word here. They don’t have to be. And as a matter of fact, all the planters featured in today’s post aren’t just not costly — they’re incredibly affordable. Found at Walmart and delivered for free, they all arrived quickly and look great in person. From ceramic to resin and materials in between, I found just what I was looking for — all on trend but as classic as I was hoping for. Here are 16 uses around the house for these planters — starting at just over $5 (yes, five dollars)!

1. For Traditional Plants Tabletop/Shelf Plants

While definitely the most predictable, I would be amiss not to share a few of my latest planters showcased serving as their naturally intended purpose.

One of my favorite planter styles are planters that look like baskets… that aren’t. And, THIS is the most affordable one I’ve found. Composed of concrete, this woven-appearing planter is fade resistant, appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, and is currently under $13.

How to Use Indoor Planters Throughout the House

Source: Concrete Basket Weave Planter

Affordable Indoor Planters

Source: Concrete Basket Weave Planter

And THIS white fluted planter — which comes in both 8″ and 12″ options (mine are all the 8″ version) is one of my favorite Walmart purchases of all time. To date, I’ve now collected three of these planters, all in the same size. They’re currently under $10 HERE.

spring Shelf Decor Ideas

Sources: White Fluted Planter

Here’s a look back to last year around the Fourth of July. They continue to look great, regardless of what plant I put inside! They’re also durable and have never chipped.

Adorable Patriotic Hostess Gift Ideas for the Fourth of July

Sources: White Fluted Planter

2. For Faux Trees

Not much of a stretch here, but in addition to smaller plants, planters are great for faux trees. But, when we’re talking about bigger planters, we’re usually talking about bigger price tags, too. THIS one is perfect scale to my thin faux olive tree and is made of resin, so it’s lightweight and easily movable.

Ways to Use Indoor Planters

Sources: Beige Resin Planter | Knotted Square Pillow | Faux Olive Tree

Speaking of large planters, THESE fluted planters are the deal of all deals. While they come as a set in a terracotta color, they could even be painted gray and be ridiculously similar to an extremely popular planter that’s several hundred dollars. The set comes with a 16″ and 12″ version HERE. (You’ve gotta check these out!)

You can also use moss or gravel as a finishing touch where the soil would be, if it were actually planted inside. By the way, I’ve shared THESE budget-friendly pillows (Gap Home line, exclusive to Walmart) before in blue but I also have them in this neutral shade. They have a zipper so you can stuff them with your favorite insert and are currently under $15 HERE. They have varying shades of neutrals woven throughout so they’re easy to mix in with any decor.

Affordable Indoor Planters

Sources: Beige Resin Planter | Knotted Square Pillow

3. As Flower Vases

There’s a caveat in using a planter as a vase. Sometimes there’s a drainage hole and sometimes the planter material is porous so you may have to use a glass, water-tight vessel inside the planter to use the pot as a flower vase. But, I probably use planters for vases more often than I use traditional vases for flowers. If the mouth is wide, you can use tape to create a grid across the top — as I’ve done here. THIS sweet rattan-wrapped ceramic planter actually comes in a set of two — this planter being the smaller of the two in the set. I’ll show the pair together further down in the post, but get this — the set is currently only $17 HERE! The 6″ version is available on its own for under $10.

Indoor Planters as Spring Decor

Source: White Ceramic Basket Pot (set of 2)

4. For Kitchen Herbs

That 6″, under $10 ceramic planter is also the perfect herb pot in the kitchen. I just bought some new basil for the season and sink-side it went!

Ways to Use Indoor Planters Around the House

Source: White Ceramic Basket Pot (set of 2) | Amber Misting Bottle (set of 2)

5. For Moss Bowl Decor

A bowl-filler I’ve used for a while that’s now becoming more popular is moss. Even if you don’t want to commit to a huge bowl of moss, it’s a great, affordable way to add fresh green during the warm weather months. THIS shallow concrete style planter works as the perfect moss bowl, is ceramic with a cement-style finish, and comes in just over $9 HERE! I love the scalloped edge detail, too.

How to Use Indoor Planters Throughout the House

Sources: Gray Ceramic Planter | Faux Moss | White Fluted Planter | Wood Bead Garland

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6. And As Coffee Table Decor

And if you aren’t sold on the on-trend bowl-o-moss, it’s a great base and catch-all for other decor, too. Here’s a quick switch, atop the same coffee table books, with one of my favorite versatile bead strands.

Indoor Planters as Coffee Table Decor

Sources: Gray Ceramic Planter | White Fluted Planter | Wood Bead Garland

Also, did you spy another one of those white fluted planters in the background? 😉

Ideas for Decorating with Indoor Planters

7. To Hold Orchid Gardens

Still on plant theme, I’m obsessed with the orchid gardens I created in that pair of ceramic planters I shared a little earlier in the post. From my recollection, in the large planter, I have a large orchid potted with a medium orchid and two small orchids. In the smaller pot, I have four small orchids.

Inexpensive Indoor Planters Around the House

Sources: Ceramic Basket Pots (set of two) | Wood Bead Garland

All colors are different but they all compliment each other and can be situated together or be set independently from one another.

Orchid Gardens Centerpieces

8. And to Serve As Centerpieces

Let’s be honest — a planter as a centerpiece is my go-to these days. Here’s how the orchid gardens — gathered on my fave Walmart tray HERE — appear as a centerpiece on my kitchen island…

Orchid Garden Island Centerpiece

Sources: Ceramic Basket Pots (set of two) | Wood Bead Garland | Wood Serving Tray

And how a trio of THESE white fluted planters look as a simple dining table centerpiece. As a bonus, unlike fresh flowers, small plants that are still living act as life for the room with way less maintenance and extended longevity. You’ll be able to have a centerpiece intact even after a week has ended, without having to worry about replacing it.

Indoor Planters as Centerpieces

Source: White Fluted Planters

Plants in the Dining Room

9. Act As Utensil Crocks

One of my personal favorites, I’ve shared this “hack” before, but I’ve used a planter as a utensil crock for years. I’m not sure if anyone else is doing this (?) but in addition to the affordability aspect, I like that I can usually find small planters that are still larger than most crocks because traditional utensil crocks are too narrow for the kitchen utensils I want on display. THIS ceramic, weather resistant, indoor/outdoor planter is probably my favorite of the bunch in today’s post — this is the 8″ version that’s currently just over $12 but it also comes in 6″ and 14″ HERE. As a matter of fact, you can get a set with the 6″ and 8″ for under $16.

Using Indoor Planters Around the House

Source: White & Brown Planter/Crock

I keep most cooking tools and utensils in a drawer but I like to keep my wooden spoons out, on display, and ready. Sometimes, I even have my metal utensils tossed in with the wooden ones.

Using an Indoor Planter as a Utensil Crock

And that cute pair of ceramic planters I’ve already shared a few times — here’s how they look set together with one serving as a kitchen crock, and the other serving as a traditional pot.

Using Indoor Planters As Utensil Crocks

Source: White Ceramic Basket Pots (set of two)

I love that wrapped rattan accent at the top of the planter with the wooden spoons!

Utensil Crocks from Indoor Planters

10. For Fruit/Produce Bowls

More shallow planters make great fruit bowls in the kitchen/eating areas, whether you keep fresh produce piled high…

Shallow Bowl Indoor Planters as Fruit Bowls

Sources: Gray Ceramic Planter | Black Dessert Plates (set of four)

or faux fruits and veggies on display.

Shallow Planters for Fruit Bowls

Source: Gray Footed Resin Planter

THIS shallow saucer-styler planter is made of resin so it is going to be really lightweight.

Using Indoor Planters Throughout the House

11. And Candy Dishes

Another shallow planter use — a candy bowl!

Using Shallow Bowl Planters Around the House

Source: Gray Ceramic Planter

12. To Act As a Tissue Dispenser

Ok, if you’ve never tried this, I recently saw this hack on TikTok and had to see for myself if it worked. Tissue boxes are ugly and tissue box covers can be costly for what they are, but you guys — THIS planter is the PERFECT size to act as a tissue holder, and it actually works! If you open a box of facial tissues, the tissues are folded in half for dispensing. THIS 6″ glazed ceramic planter — designed for indoor and outdoor use — is just over $5 and is the ideal size to act as a tissue dispenser! The pot comes in 8″ and 12″ options, too. I’ll be sharing a quick live dispensing of these tissues on IG stories in the next day or so if you want to catch it in action 😉

Ideas for Using Small Indoor Planters

Source: Round Glazed Planter

But, as soon as you pull out a tissue, the next tissue pops up in its place. You can put tissue planters just about anywhere — from the bedroom nightstand and bathroom counter to the kitchen or living room side table.

How to Use a Planter as a Tissue Holder

Source: Round Glazed Planter

13. And a Spare Toilet Paper Holder

And speaking of tissues, a planter is also a great way to house an extra roll of toilet paper. Best on an upper shelf so you can’t see inside, if you have floating shelves above your toilet, try positioning a small planter on it as decor and stash a roll inside.

Using Indoor Planters Around the House

Source: Round Glazed Planter

14. To Act As a Pencil Cup/Desk Catchall

Ceramic planters are great desk cups because they’re weighted enough to handle even the slightly heavy desk accessories. Just pay attention to the width and height of the planter — it will need to be small. You can also fill the planter with salt/small rocks to help hold writing utensils in place!

Ways to Use Small Indoor Planters

Source: Round Glazed Planter

15. And a Bathroom Makeup Brush/Face Wipe Holder

Along similar lines, you can use planters in the bathroom purposed several ways. Add rocks or bath salts in the bottom of a planter for makeup brushes or even use a planter to stash bath bombs, miniature toiletries, makeup towels, washcloths, scrunchies, and more.

Ways to Use Indoor Planters

Source: Round Glazed Planter

16. To Gather & Display Dining Utensils

Especially during the summer when you cart plates and dining necessities outdoor for al fresco porch dinners! If you have outdoor utensils, you can even keep them in a small planter, on a tray with melamine dinnerware, ready to go at all times! Speaking of dinnerware, THESE stoneware salad plates are so pretty in person and comes as a set of four HERE.

Using Indoor Planters for Dining Utensils

Sources: Ceramic Basket Pots (set of two | Black Dessert Plates (set of four)Wood Serving Tray | White Fluted Planter

While not featured in photos in this post, I LOVE THIS planter that comes in three sizes. It wasn’t available to order prior to this post but is now back in stock HERE! You can grab the smallest size for under $6!

Also, THESE animal ceramic planters are adorable and would be so sweet in a kid’s room/nursery. They come as a set of four for $18 HERE.

Animal planters for kids rooms

Animal Planters (set of 4)

From simple seasonal updates to affordable, versatile accessories that just make sense, do you have any planters currently in your home, being used for purposes other than plants? If you have an idea to add to the list, be sure to share it in the comment section below!

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