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I realize that Chocolate Delight has been shared in many forms and fashions by others. But I am compelled to share this recipe, as Chocolate Delight has become one of my family’s favorites to make and serve on the most special of occasions.

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Comprised of four layers, this Chocolate Delight recipe does take a little bit of time to make. But it is so worth it! The lightness of the recipe pairs well with any meal, especially the heavier ones. I will never forget my pride years ago when I hosted Christmas dinner and served Chocolate Delight for dessert and my grandfather, Bill, stated, “this is definitely a delight!”

This is one of those recipes that I adopted from a work potluck 40+ years ago. There are several different variations that can be done — from the crust to the pudding layer — but this is the recipe that I’ve adapted and that we all enjoy.

I love to serve a square of Chocolate Delight on a pretty dessert plate. It’s absolutely perfect to serve for a luncheon, supper, holiday or potluck dessert.

Layered Chocolate Delight Dessert Recipe

Sources: Dessert Plate

What Items Are Used to Make Chocolate Delight?

No exotic ingredients are needed to make Chocolate Delight, but I typically don’t have all of the items on hand, which calls for a shopping trip. The needed items include:

  • Flour
  • Butter
  • Pecans
  • Cream Cheese
  • Confectioner’s Sugar
  • Instant Pudding Mix
  • Milk
  • Cool Whip
Chocolate Delight Dessert Recipe

Sources: Baking Dish | Utensil Crock

Can Lesser Calorie Count Items Be Used In This Recipe?

Sure, you can certainly use sugar free pudding mix, skim milk, non-fat cream cheese and/or sugar-free or fat-free Cool Whip. But what the heck, why use these substitutes and possibly sacrifice flavor and texture in a special dessert? I typically use 2% milk, but never use sugar-free versions of the pudding mix or Cool Whip, since I’m not fond of the taste. I have also found that regular cream cheese has more body than the fat-free variety.

Delicious Dessert Fave -- Chocolate Delight

What Kitchen Tools Are Needed To Make Chocolate Delight?

No fancy kitchen tools are needed to make this recipe. All that you need are as follows:

Chocolate Delight Recipe with Chocolate Pudding

Sources: Baking Dish | Utensil Crock | Dessert Plate

Can Chocolate Delight Be Made Ahead Of Time?

You can certainly make Chocolate Delight ahead of time, from the day before to hours before serving time. Prepare the recipe up to the point of adding the Cool Whip topping. Cover the dish with plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator. Prior to serving, cover the dessert with the Cool Whip Topping.

How to Make Layered Chocolate Delight

Are There Variations To This Chocolate Delight Recipe?

The recipe can be varied by substituting by using one box of instant vanilla pudding and one box of instant chocolate pudding. You can also substitute a different instant pudding flavor, such as pistachio. (But then of course, it would no longer be called “Chocolate” Delight. 😉 ) Additional milk may also be added to the pudding mixture for a thinner pudding consistency. Chopped walnuts can also be substituted for the chopped pecans in the crust.

When To Serve Chocolate Delight?

Chocolate Delight is the perfect dessert to serve for any special occasion, especially when the meal is on the heavier side. And I love to keep it special by only serving it on special occasions. It’s great for:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Ladies’ Luncheon
  • Bridal Shower
  • Baby Shower
  • Special Brunch
  • Pot Luck

Here’s A Special (And Brilliant!) Tip

My dear friend, Janet, is a wonderful cook, and she recently shared this clever tip with me. Half of her family doesn’t like nuts and half of her family does. Since they all love Chocolate Delight, she didn’t want any of her family to miss out, by including or removing the chopped pecans from the recipe. Her solution to this is to add chopped pecans to only one half of the crust. Yes, two different crust preps will need to be done — one half with nuts and one half without. You would simply mix the flour and butter and once it is mixed, divide the mixture in half and add the chopped nuts to one of the halves. The crust recipe is then topped with the cream cheese, pudding and Cool Whip layers. She then sprinkles chopped nuts on the Cool Whip on the half of the dish that includes the nuts in the crust so that the side with the nuts is easily identified. *Of course, this is a great tip for disliking nuts — if nut allergies are in play, avoid any nuts altogether.

Chilled Chocolate Delight Dessert Recipe
How to Make Layered Chocolate Delight
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Chocolate Delight

This chocolatey, creamy dessert is the perfect ending to any special meal. The nutty crust adds just the right crunchiness and salt to complement the sweeter layers.

Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword chocolate, Cream Cheese, Instant Pudding
Prep Time 45 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes


  • Cooking spray
  • 1 cup Flour, plain
  • 1 cup Pecan halves Small pecan pieces may also be used.
  • 1 stick Butter
  • 1 8 oz. Cream cheese
  • 1 cup Powdered sugar
  • 2 pkgs. Chocolate pudding (instant)
  • 3 cups Milk
  • 2 cups Cool Whip


First Layer (the crust)

  1. Spray the bottom of a 9" x 13" glass baking dish with cooking spray. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

  2. Unwrap one stick of butter, place in a microwave-safe bowl and melt it in the microwave.

  3. While the butter is being melted, place one cup of pecans in a chopper or mini food processor and chop them into small pieces.

  4. Add one cup of flour and the chopped pecan pieces to the melted better and mix thoroughly with a spoon.

  5. Spread the flour/butter/pecan mixture onto the bottom of the baking dish.

  6. Bake for approximately 30 minutes at 350 degrees or until lightly browned.

  7. Cool.

Second Layer (Cream Cheese Layer)

  1. Mix one 8-oz. block of softened cream cheese and one cup of confectioner's sugar together in a large mixing bowl with a hand mixer or stand mixer until smooth.

  2. Add one cup of Cool Whip to the cream cheese/confectioner's sugar and continue to mix with a hand mixer or stand mixer until well blended.

  3. Spread the cream cheese/confectioner's sugar/Cool Whip mixture on top of the cooled crust.

Third Layer (Chocolate Pudding Layer)

  1. Mix two small packages of instant chocolate pudding with three cups of milk with a hand mixer or stand mixer until well blended and slightly thickened.

  2. Spread the chocolate pudding layer on top of the second layer.

Fourth Layer (Cool Whip Topping)

  1. Spread reserved Cool Whip on top of the chocolate pudding layer.

We would love to know if you give this recipe a try and let us know what you think. Please also let us know if you’ve tried Chocolate Delight in the past and the specific variation you prefer.

— Gran Nan

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Chocolate Delight Recipe
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