Top 5 Bath & Body Works Laundry Scents (+ 8 Laundry Habits to Transform How You Approach the Task)

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TBH, I think laundry — the chore, that is — gets an unfair rap. Working from home, specifically, has probably given me the advantage of putting it in a more neutral light, but I think there’s several habits and shifts to approaches that can neutralize the task for most anyone. And today, while I share my experimentation results from Bath & Body Works’ laundry line (yes, they have a laundry line!), I thought it would also be the perfect opportunity to dish on some laundry habits that I think simplify the process and make it more manageable.

As for the Bath & Body Works laundry line — they have both liquid detergent and fragrance booster beads — I ordered a bunch of scents I was curious about and Eliza and I went through and used different techniques to determine our favorites. She’s really into science and “experiments” right now, so I was able to get her to join me by giving it this spin 😉 They have a bunch of scents we haven’t tested yet and they continue to expand the fragrances in their laundry line and I can genuinely profess that we liked each of the versions we tried.

The Deal with Bath & Body Works Laundry Care

If you’re a B&BW stan (like me 😉 ), you may already be in on the addition of their laundry care line, but if it’s been a minute since you’ve frequented their store/site, this may be news. Spoiler — we love them in our home. And today, I’m sharing our (personal) top 5 ranked scents.

*As a note, as is the rest of their inventory, they are a fragrance-focused brand, so people with skin sensitivity to fragrance should use caution and speak with their physician. There’s a full list of ingredients on their site.

Before we get to our top fragrances, let’s run through the detergent features…

  • Concentrated, stain-fighting formula
  • Up to 64 washes per bottle (64 small wash loads measured to Line 1 in cap, or 32 large wash loads measured to Line 2 in cap.)
  • Works in high-efficiency and standard machines
  • Cleans in all temperatures and is septic safe

Check out their full laundry care page HERE.

Bath & Body Works Best Laundry Scents

Cactus Blossom (Detergent | Fragrance Booster) | Japanese Cherry Blossom (Detergent | Fragrance Booster) | Pineapple Mango (Detergent | Fragrance Booster) | Sunshine Day (Detergent | Fragrance Booster) | Morning Rain (Detergent | Fragrance Booster) | Sun-Drenched Linen (Detergent | Fragrance Booster) | Champagne Toast (Detergent | Fragrance Booster) | A Thousand Wishes (Detergent | Fragrance Booster) | Cozy Cashmere (Detergent | Fragrance Booster) | Raspberry Rainbow (Detergent | Fragrance Booster) | Lavender Vanilla (Detergent | Fragrance Booster)

You can totally use the detergent on its own, but if you like a stronger fragrance, you can use fragrance boosters in tandem with the detergent. They also have a deal right now to mix and match laundry care, 2/$30, so you can try two detergents, a fragrance booster and detergent, two bottles of fragrance boosters, etc. HERE.

Bath & Body Works Best Laundry Scents

Favorite Bath & Body Works Laundry Scents

Now, let’s get to my favorite scents. I actually took a little bit of a different approach and the results were a little surprising. While my personal Bath & Body Works general fragrance preference leans “fruity”, I ordered a variety to go in totally unbiased. And to emphasize — again — I really like every fragrance I ordered. I smelled them out of the bottle, on the wet laundry (post-wash), out of the dryer, and then the lingering scent after the fragrance had settled while in use. Ultimately, my preferences were a little surprising to me as they’re actually different than what I prefer in our candles and air fresheners!

Bath & Body Works Best Laundry Scents

Here’s my official ranking, but you can browse all the detergents HERE and all the scent boosters HERE.

*Scent descriptions via Bath & Body Works website

Bath & Body Works Best Laundry Scents

Sun-Drenched Linen

What it smells like: fresh, clean laundry drying on a line in the sunshine.

Fragrance notes: fresh linen, crisp apple and soft musk

Bath & Body Works Best Laundry Scents

Cozy Cashmere

What it smells like: a pillowy, soft cloud of comfort

Fragrance notes: smooth lavender, warm vanilla and pink jasmine

Bath & Body Works Best Laundry Scents

Champagne Toast

What it smells like: a fruity, sweet, sparkling spritzer.

Fragrance notes: bubbly champagne, bright berries and juicy tangerine

Bath & Body Works Best Laundry Scents

Lavender Vanilla

What it smells like: a dreamy bedside bouquet

Fragrance notes: lavender blossom, creamy vanilla and white woods.

Bath & Body Works Best Laundry Scents

Raspberry Rainbow

What it smells like: a fruity, playful blend of sweetness.

Fragrance notes: juicy apple, soft freesia and ripe raspberry.

As with any detergent, clothing care instructions and laundry detergent instructions should be followed.

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Favorite Bath & Body Works Scents Right Now

While we’re chatting laundry scents, and because — as I said, my preferences are a little different for home fragrances — I thought I’d share some of my favorite (current) home scents, available right now!

Bath & Body Works Best Spring Scents

Six Favorite Year-Round Scents:

Six Favorite Spring & Summer Scents:

Laundry Tips & Habits & Considerations to “Lighten the Load” (Pun Intended)

Some of these may be routine practices in your home and some are likely contrary to other advice you’ve seen, but here are my personal recommendations to simplify the laundry process.

  1. Wash Daily — It’s sounds like it’s more work, but as someone who uses this frequency, I can attest it is not. I also know what it’s like to wait until the weekend to tackle the week’s worth of dirties and not only does it induce anxiety, it takes a substantial chunk of time. Even as a family of three, we have enough to constitute (at minimum) a small load each day. When you’re only folding/putting away a day’s worth of clothes, it literally takes no more than five minutes. If you don’t have a full load, go ahead and wash towels that day. The Bath and Body Works laundry detergent (small load to the first marker inside the cap) is perfect for smaller, more frequent loads.
  2. DON’T Separate — I guess this should come with “at your own risk,” but I stopped separating lights and darks well over a decade ago. I still typically wash towels separately and I wash bedding separately, but when it comes to clothes, I wash them together, with the exception of clothing that requires special care. Eliza’s clothes also get washed together and hung to air dry. If you’re worried about materials within your batch of mixed clothes, you can use a laundry bag but I typically toss all of mine and Dave’s things in together, along with Eliza’s undies and socks, etc. This helps us have enough of a load to constitute regular laundry loads, too.
  3. Choose a Day for Bedding — I wash bedding every Wednesday. I know when it’s coming and it’s second nature. And, I wash it all that day. Trying to rotate or keep too many scheduled days for different linens/rooms is too complicated for me to remember, so that’s it. Every Wednesday.
  4. Keep An Organized Laundry Room — Don’t make it more difficult on yourself by having your laundry room cluttered or your cleaners difficult to access. It isn’t a drop zone so don’t treat it that way — keep what you need and discard the rest. If you need some ideas on whipping your laundry room into shape, check out the BEFORE and AFTER of my small, passthrough laundry room makeover HERE.
  5. Declutter & Organize Your Closet and Dressers — Another barrier to laundry isn’t the task itself, but the daunting thought of having to put everything away when it’s done. And admittedly, this is my current pain point and something I’ve vowed to resolve this summer. The only internal gripe I have now about laundry is knowing I need to purge and that I have too much in my drawers and closet to comfortably put things away without significant effort.
  6. Use the Same Hangers — In your closet and across all the closets in your house. I have talked about this for years, but having the same slim velvet hangers makes it easier to see your clothes, makes them stay on there, and takes up far less room in your closet.
  7. Don’t Keep Excess — See Number 5, but also, the fewer items you have, the more likely you’ll be motivated to do laundry since you won’t have an infinite amount of extras. Think socks, undies, and regularly worn daily items. It also makes it easier to see when something needs to be replaced.
  8. Have One Person Do It — Everybody has their own thoughts on this from kids pitching in to husbands doing their own, but in my mind, if you want laundry to truly not become an issue and eyesore, you have to dedicate the task to one person. If it’s a matter of wanting everyone to pitch in, maybe there’s another task that someone can take in its entirety. Shared laundry can result in hostility when inevitably some people aren’t pulling their weight, overlap/not getting it all done because the machines are taken, etc. Having one person (in our house, that’s me) handle it all actually saves me the headache of having to worry about what others are doing. Chances are, even if mountains of laundry bother you, they may not bother the other people in your home.

Have you tried the Bath and Body Works laundry line yet? Have a favorite B&BW scent not mentioned here today? Share with me below!

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  1. 5.9.24
    Libbe said:

    I have avoided the slim, velvet hangers because I hang dry all of my tops and figured I wouldn’t want to hang wet items on the velvet. Do you hang wet items on them?

    • 5.13.24

      Hi Libbe, I actually hang the items I don’t dry from my cat walk railings, since I air dry lots of things (especially Eliza’s clothes!) But I do know that my mom air dries her items on the velvet hangers and has not had any issues with this method.