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This past Saturday, I woke up and paused. I tried to remember what I had planned for the day and realized that for the first time in a while, I had nothing I had to do. Don’t get me wrong, I still have plenty on that never ending to-do list but I didn’t have a hard deadline that I had to spring out of bed and tackle. I have an out of town work trip coming up this week and a wish list I’ve been adding to for quite a while. While I prefer online shopping for most things (I can’t remember the last time I went to a mall), I decided that if I was going to get everything I needed before I left, I would need to go to the physical store. It was a two hour round trip, the food court was too crowded to grab lunch, and I ended up spending more than six hours inside, but ultimately, I crossed Saturday off as a success. I accomplished pretty much everything I set out for – some new makeup, some work things for Dave, a few basic staples… but, mixed in were some things I was SUPER excited about so I’m gonna share some of my weekend haul favorite finds.

For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links.

I have wanted a pair of comfortable sneakers for a long time. I can’t believe it but up until Saturday, my only suitable walking shoes were Nike tennis shoes and my Yellow Box flip flops (addicted). But it is always a quandary of what to wear to look a little more put together when a lot of walking is involved… and let’s face it, sandals and flip flops aren’t always practical. I try to make them be, but they just aren’t haha.

I found this cute little pair of leather sneakers (available in multiple colors) that are so soft, they feel almost like suede. I thought,Do I even like sneakers? Will they look dumb on me?” They seemed to be well cushioned so I slid them on – and then fell in love. They were a bit of an investment but I knew I would get my money’s worth. Plus, after I actually put them on, there was no way I couldn’t get them. If you need a comfortable walking shoe, this is it. I’ve come to realize that I would rather have a few pairs of quality, versatile shoes that I will wear a lot than a ton of cheap shoes that hurt or won’t be worn.

| Gray Sneakers |

These will be my airport/city/errand/everything shoe. As an FYI, they run true to size.

When I go on work trips, I do a lot of running around, standing, setting up, etc. I have to have a comfortable shoe but I have never loved how flats look on me. I also have a hard time finding pumps I like and because I have a wide foot, I usually end up having to size up… it never feels quite right. I set out in search for a comfortable kitten heel and hit the jackpot with a pair by Louis et Cie. I won’t be wearing them for an extended amount of time until this week but right out of the box, they felt amazing and I could pretty much run across the floor. They also come in a wide (which is what I bought) so I was able to go with my regular size. They’re available in leather and suede in several colors – I will be getting the Mink Suede next 😉

| Black Kitten Heel Pumps |

I was drawn to this pair of Vince Camuto booties in tan. Bonus- they are 50% off right now!! I tried them on and loved them. Like serious LOVE. But, I didn’t need another pair of tan booties; I needed a pair of gray. I loved them so much I was ready to get them anyway… then, I found out they were available online in gray. Done. The sales associate placed an order for me to have them overnighted so they will be getting here tomorrow. Whether you have a lot of boot weather left or want to set them aside until next boot season, you can’t beat this price for quality suede booties.

| Gray Booties |

I found this adorable oversized jacket at Anthropologie; it looks thicker than it really is and will be able to be worn into the spring. (Note: it runs large) It’s easy to dress up or down and first up, I’ll be pairing it with this top from LOFT. (Use code NEWNOW at LOFT for 40% off everything!) I originally shared those Aldo booties in black and loved them so much, I got another pair in tan. I have worn both pairs almost exclusively all winter.

Striped Jacket | Blue & White Top | Tan Booties | Bracelet |

As I mentioned, I run around a lot on my work trips so I don’t like to feel constricted. I love shells that are longer and have room to move – both the coral and blue are between $20 and $30 with the NEWNOW code. Note-size down as they are super roomy. I am loving the tie-necks! The black is actually a tunic by Free People; it has a button snap with a lower cut ‘v’. it also runs on the larger side as much of that line does. It also comes in blue and white and while; I’ll most definitely be pairing mine with leggings 😉

| Coral Top | Floral Swing Tunic | Blue & White Top | Black Necklace | White Necklace |

I’ll be sharing as I’m able from New Orleans later this week; if you aren’t already, you can follow my stories on Instagram for the latest. I have very limited time while I’m in town but if you have any quick must-do’s/see’s, send them my way!

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  1. 3.6.17

    Love all your choices Kelley, you’ll be cute as a button!! I’m with you on the tennis shoe thing! I’m a sandal/flip flop girl all the way! I feel so constricted in a tennis shoe! But I love these and I’ll have to check them out! Have fun on your trip and safe travels! Xo,Kathy

    • 3.6.17

      Kathy, you are so sweet to stop by and I am totally with you!! Not to mention, most of my tennis shoes in the past seem like they have super skimpy inserts. These changed it all for me 😉

  2. 3.6.17
    Susie said:

    I can’t find the blue and white top at Loft. The link goes to another top. Do you have another link or item number for it? It’s the top in the box with the coral and floral tops.

    • 3.6.17

      Thank you so much for letting me know! I have corrected the links; don’t forget to use the coupon code if you order anything from LOFT 😉

  3. 3.6.17
    Sandie said:

    Have you been to New Orleans before? If yes, then I’m sure you’ve been to Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarters. If you haven’t been, then you MUST go. Louisiana coffee is strong… so just warning you! The beignets are famous. Visit the one in the French Quarters to get the complete New Orleans vibe. Crowded, but Google to see the most crowded times.
    I’m from Texas, Louisiana’s neighbor, but New Orleans is a one-of-a-kind city. Enjoy!
    Your wardrobe looks fabulous!?

    • 3.6.17

      Sandie, I have been there a couple times but have NEVER been to Cafe Du Monde! (I can’t believe that myself haha) It is the only place I have on my “must sneak away for a quick nibble” list right now. It may be all I have time for but am so glad you reaffirmed what I was thinking.

  4. 3.6.17

    LOL! I was in Vegas last week and I walked into an Ecco store for the first time. I too, have been wanting a pair of tennis shoes and they seem to be so popular and so cute. I too, wondered how silly I would look in them. I tried on several pairs and they were all so comfy and pricey. I got the style numbers for future purchase. I think there is a store in Dallas so I will go there. Lord knows, I did not need to pack anything more in my luggage or my hubby’s as we were already 8 pounds over the limit going to Vegas and on the way back we had to buy a carry-on duffle bag and then our luggage still was one pound over on each!!!! Geez!

    • 3.8.17

      Lisa, oh my gosh haha! They are more pricey than I am used to. I decided if they are going to be an everyday staple, I needed to make sure I did it “right” 😉 Let me know if you get them and love them!

  5. 3.6.17
    Rene' said:

    I love your Ecco shoes! I have been buying this Danish Brand for about 10 years including their golf shoes. After hearing my husband constantly complain about his feet (wearing dress shoes on a concrete floor at work) I finally convinced him to try them (size 13) and he apologized by saying those 3 little words……..
    You Were Right! He now swears by this brand.

    • 3.8.17

      I am so so glad to here this!! I’ll have to get my hubby on board, too 😉

  6. 3.6.17
    Kim said:

    Yikes !!!! For someone who doesn’t like to mall shop I’d say you did pretty good this past weekend !!!! Love the Vince booties and your blog,

    • 3.8.17

      Haha Kim, you are so right. And, I knew what the outcome would be going in- I let everything build up for so long!

  7. 3.6.17
    Teri said:

    Love this post! I have actually been looking at some Born womens leather tennis shoes but really debating because I don’t wear tennis shoes. I’m a boots, low heel, sandal, flip flop person. Although right now I don’t have any real casual weekend shoes and definitely need some. Thanks for the recommendation:)

    Also because of your blog I have purchased my first “tray” and styled it for valentine’s day and now for spring on my dining table. Getting ideas from hobby lobby for Easter too. Anyway, I have a clear acrylic tray in my amazon cart that I will be styling for my bathroom. I can’t wait. Keep posting cool ideas!!

    • 3.8.17

      Teri, let me know what you do. I was never much of a tennis shoes person but am recently deciding that they are more practical in some situations. I am so glad you had fun styling your tray! I would love to see it!

  8. 3.7.17
    Kimberly said:

    Thank you again for sharing! Have a wonderful and safe trip…you’ll be styling!!!