Early Spring Outdoor Upgrades (+ Outdoor Dining Sets, Conversation Sets, Planters & Accent Tables I’m Loving)

Last year, the majority of our energy and resources were devoted to the outside of our home — the biggest projects being our pool and backyard install, and our house getting freshly painted. For more details on those, you can visit those reveal posts here:

We’ve made a lot of progress and upgrading our outdoor space and increasing its livability and enjoyment has transformed our summers and made us fall in love with our home. Even so, in my dreams there’s more major upgrades I would love to make, but we just don’t have the bandwidth for right now. Actually, we may never have the bandwidth to take them on, haha. But I’m thrilled with how far our outdoor spaces have come.

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Last year was capitally extensive (my nice way of saying expensive) so this year, as we begin to ready our outdoor spaces for the warm weather, my mind is focused on making a few minor, simple, affordable improvements to areas that didn’t get all the love last year. Actually, along with the typical annual cleaning, clean-up, and plant/landscape refreshing, there are three distinct small changes we’re making. If outdoor improvements are on your list this spring — from major projects to small aesthetic upgrades — don’t skip browsing Wayfair’s outdoor offerings. They have everything from planters to pergolas and furniture to play sets, and materials for both decor and landscaping. And, as always, all orders over $35 ship free.

**Shortcut to all of Wayfair’s outdoor inventory HERE.

Before we jump into my simple spring 2024 outdoor updates, there’s an outdoor update that I don’t think has gotten the accolades it deserves just yet… our outdoor dining set. Those of you who live in milder climates may not have to worry about outdoor furniture as much, but living in North Georgia, we have horrible humidity, get covered in sheets of yellow pine pollen for a least a month in the spring, and our summers can get hot. Wanting easy upkeep and an investment with longevity, I knew early on I wanted a Polywood dining set. As proven from their claims and our more-than-a-decade of personal experience, it doesn’t splinter, it doesn’t have to be covered, it doesn’t fade, and I’ve had many other Polywood outdoor pieces that have withstood the sometimes brutal climate.

I opted for THIS modern set and have been THRILLED with it. There’s an umbrella hole in the center of the table, too. The table is 78″ and the set comes with six chairs (four side chairs and two armchairs) which it comfortably fits, but we actually maxed it out with eight chairs — six side chairs and an armchair at each end. I love the black, but the finish comes in several colors.

Back Deck Design Overlooking Pool

Edge Dining Set

Speaking of Polywood, THESE rocking chairs were my first Polywood purchase (we’ve had them for 10 years and they’re still in perfect condition on our porch), and we also bought them for my mom as a housewarming gift.

Easy 4th of July Outdoor Decorations (In Under 30 Minutes!)

Presidential Rocking Chair

And my mom loved her rocking chairs so much, she purchased the modern Adirondack chairs for her back porch. Our late summer storm last year resulted in a literal tree falling on them and they survived without even a scratch.

North Georgia Storm Damage 2023

Modern Adirondack Chairs

You can find all the Polywood pieces and collections on Wayfair HERE — there’s a lot of options — from casual to more formal and traditional to modern — so happy browsing! If you live in an area with a more severe climate and are wanting minimal upkeep, I can’t recommend them enough.

2024 Outdoor Standouts: Dining Sets

While I could praise our set all day long, along with our modern table and chairs, there are so many pretty outdoor dining sets in stock right now. If you’re looking to get more use out of your outdoor spaces, having an outdoor dining set to enjoy dinners al fresco would be at the top of my list. Here are a few faves…

Favorite Modern Outdoor Dining Sets with Outdoor Tables and Chairs

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6.

I LOVE the sleek look of Number 1 and Number 6 — while Number 1 has rope-style seats, Number 6 has mesh. Number 1 comes in a few sizes and you can find the 4-chair and 8-chair versions HERE. Number 6 actually also comes in a 12-person table (!!!) HERE — both sizes come with free white glove delivery (free delivery, delivery to space of your choice, plus any needed assembly.)

Number 2 and Number 3 are dead ringers for my indoor bar stool and Number 5 looks totally passable for an indoor dining set. I am loving these rope styles! Number 3 actually comes with options where you can choose a different sized table and add/reduce the number of chairs you need HERE! Number 5 comes with the same options — you can customize which table size and number of chairs you prefer HERE. The chairs in these sets are composed of all-weather wicker (which we also have great luck with in Georgia!)

I’m a sucker for an outdoor swivel chair and this gorgeous, classic Windsor style design in Number 4. Scroll down (HERE) on the listing for a BUNCH of other Windsor-style options from this collection, along with additional chairs and table options. You can find the stationery version of the table and chairs HERE.

A Few Early Spring Decisions At Our House

Among the “wish list” spaces, I would love to transform our back deck, give it an actual ceiling, convert it to Trex decking, and better incorporate it into the pool area. For now (and maybe always, haha) we work with what we have. Re-furnishing our sitting area is much more manageable, but I haven’t determined just yet if I want another sofa set up, or something more conducive to conversation (which is actually what I’m leaning towards.) Personally, I prefer a cozy chair and we love having a fire table on the porch. In my search, I came across a few chair conversation sets that have been instrumental in swaying my vote…

2024 Outdoor Standouts: Conversation Sets

Intimate Outdoor Conversation Sets with Chairs and Tables and Fire Pits

1. | 2. | 3. | 4.

Number 1, Number 2, and Number 3 all come with complimentary white glove delivery from Wayfair. Number 2 and Number 3 are Polywood and come with several fabric and finish options. Number 4 definitely lands in the budget-friendly arena, currently has a perfect 5* rating, and comes in four finish options for both the chairs and fire pit!

Update 1

In the meantime, since I’m not 100% sure the direction we should go this year, I knew that I did, at least, want to make a few improvements on our porch. First, I wanted to replace the accent chair with something that was 1. prettier, and 2. more comfortable. I scored the deal on THIS rocking chair with cushions — a major budget find with fabulous reviews, that’s available in two colors. It’s currently just over $165 HERE!

Rocking Chair Modern

Rocking Chair | Accent Table

Eliza halted her dress-up sesh as soon as we brought it outside — she approves 😉

Update 2

The second easy and instant improvement I wanted to make was to sub in two matching substantial accent tables, and remove the two old random accent tables currently in the space. I went for THIS cement accent table and it looks beautiful in person. While they’re perfect accent tables in outdoor sitting areas, they’re also great indoors, as plant stands, and as small side tables between loungers.

Concrete Outdoor Side Tables

Accent Table

Here’s a glimpse of our pre-spring-clean-up improvement…

Rocking Chair | Accent Table

People are finally going to want to sit in the chair! haha

2024 Outdoor Standouts: Accent Tables

If your outdoor tables are needing an affordable update too, here are a few faves this season. Mine is Number 2

Wayfair Outdoor Accent Tables

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9. | 10. | 11. | 12.

Most of these come in multiple colors, too! Most of these would also be great indoors and would make great lounge-side tables!

Number 6 comes in 3 colors (white, black and gray/cement) and is under $100 right now!

Number 7 is super unique, comes in both the gray (cement) and white, and is currently under $90!

I love the nubby details of Number 11, and Number 12 has been selling quickly!

2024 Outdoor Standouts: Planters

Before major porch clean-up, I know most of us will set our sights on freshening up our planters. Below are some of the prettiest planters I’ve found so far this season. As with the accent tables, most of these come in different colors and several come in different sizes, too!

Large Outdoor Planters for the Back Yard

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9. | 10. | 11. | 12.

Number 1 / Number 5 comes in three colors and a couple size options.

Number 2 is SUCH a great deal — it’s made of composite, comes in three color options, and is just over $55! Plus, the Buy 2+ planters and get 15% off applies here!

Number 3 comes is three sizes and different colors.

Number 4 comes in both and and black, comes in SIX size options, and the 15% off 2+ planters deal also applies!

Number 6 / Number 9 comes in FOUR color options, multiple size options, and you can choose sets!

Number 11 comes in multiple size options and four colors, including terracotta — I love the rounder shape!

Number 12 is at the top of my list — I love it for indoor faux trees, too!

Update 3

Speaking of planters, another addition we’re making to our yard is adding an additional raised planter for veggies and herbs. I love THIS corner shaped raised garden and THIS pretty, lower wooden raised planter. And, right now, Wayfair is offering 15% off when you purchase 2+ planters. Find lots of raised planters in colors, shapes, and sizes HERE.

I am also finally following through with my years’ long promise to plant an herb garden on the back porch. I ordered THIS box-style planter to attach to our deck railing. It comes in four colors (I chose the black), multiple sizes (I chose the longest) and is also eligible for the buy 2, get 15% off promo HERE. It’s scheduled to arrive today and I’ll definitely be sharing it once I get it all put together!

With outdoors on our minds, I have to mention a few of the pool loungers I saw — sleek and contemporary in design, similar to ours with fantastic reviews for a fraction of the price.

THESE actually come as a pair, with free white glove delivery. I LOVE that it has arms (I miss that about ours) and I think, contrary to what I thought before, I would actually like having cushions.

Wayfair Outdoor 2024

Lounge Chair Set (Photo via Wayfair product listing)

THESE chairs actually come as a set of FOUR! With an almost 5* rating, these are almost 75% less than what ours cost!

Wayfair Outdoor

Lounge Chair Set (Photo via Wayfair product listing)

What’s your big outdoor focus this year? When do you plan to get started? Best of luck as we start to whip the outside into shape!

Wayfair Outdoor Deals

Plus, these additional deals!

  • Buy one Adirondack chair, get one 20% off (select items only)
  • Buy 2+ planters, save 15% (select items only)
  • Buy a grill, get free assembly (select items only)
  • Fast Shipping
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