5 Kids’ Party Favor Ideas with Walmart+

Eliza turned two years old this past month, and how — I have no idea! We still haven’t held a traditional party for her with friends, and instead celebrated her with fun experiences. We woke her with balloons and made a day of the zoo, a park picnic, a “pizza party” at home, presents and cake… it was perfect and best of all — it was all about her. But, it was our first year in sending treats and party favors to school so her class could take part in Eliza’s birthday fun. We went totally simple and uber affordable on her preschool party favors and goodies but sometimes, the logistics of even the simplest things can be a little tricky. My car was in the shop for weeks for some minor body repair work and even without lack of readily available transportation, we’ve had contractors in the house — showing up at unexpected times almost daily — so I’ve been anchored to my home unless absolutely necessary. Today, I’m sharing five kids party favor ideas, along with details of how Walmart+ has been extra beneficial this summer!

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How Walmart+ Has Been a Summer Helper

While I think online ordering has been an extra special friend to many of us this past year, I’ve especially appreciated it the past couple of months as I’ve had to stick close to home. Fast and free shipping have also become “heroes” in our home as we’ve grown more accustomed to instant gratification and convenience. I was already familiar with Walmart’s easy curbside pick-up — ordering online and quickly swinging into the parking lot to have my order brought to my car — but now, there’s something even better. When I ordered Eliza’s party favors for her class, I wanted to stick with simple bubble wands with pretty ribbon trimmings. Not too fancy, inexpensive enough to do a lot, and still a crowd favorite. As I mentioned, I’ve been glued to the house and when I searched for something so simple, I realized that 1. many retailer prices were higher to justify such a small value item, or shipping charges were incurred because even a mess of bubble wands don’t meet typical shipping minimums. Freshly signed up for Walmart+, not only was THIS pack of bubble wands (which currently retails for only $4.64/6-pack) eligible for two-day shipping, but they still shipped free. I ordered a few packs and dubbed my savvy, free-ship, no-drive shopping a success!

Toddler Party Favor Ideas

While I was thrilled with free two-day shipping — even for something as small as packs of bubble wands that would typically have a shipping surcharge/minimum, Walmart+ actually has free same day delivery — from your local store with a $35 minimum — as one of their most enjoyed benefits for tons of customers. We live just a little too far out of range currently and I’m hopeful we’ll be included soon as they continue to expand this portion of the membership. I ran my dad’s address though who doesn’t live far from us, and while he is still in a more rural area, he is included in free same day delivery from his store. You can check your address HERE to see if you qualify for this portion of the membership benefits.

While I’ve mentioned a few of the benefits, here’s a more comprehensive list of what you get with a Walmart+ membership:

Find more details on all the membership benefits HERE and find an FAQ about the program HERE.

The Walmart+ membership price is $98/year or $12.95/month. BUT, you can try it for free for 30 days HERE.

Even after my house has fewer people in it daily and I’m not facing logistical challenges anymore ( 😉 ), I’m already pleased with how much time the membership has and will save me on those essentials, spontaneous orders, and random items that are most helpful to show up on my doorstep.

And, I had so much fun putting Eliza’s simple favors together — well, I didn’t stop there. I got a little carried away and started brainstorming other easy, affordable party favor ideas. And with my Walmart+ membership, every piece I needed showed up on my doorstep quickly.

Walmart Plus Benefits and Review

Five Preschool Party Favor Ideas & Themes

While we haven’t started hosting the parties just yet, these ideas can be paired down or simplified for a class-wide treat. If you’re hosting just a few friends, each of these party favor ideas can also be expanded if you prefer the goodie bags to be more elaborate. These party favors are all on-theme bundles that are totally affordable and easy to construct!

1. Fun in the Sun

What to Include in the Party Favors: 

Easy Party Favor Ideas for Preschool Aged Kids

This is a simple, safe bet for just about any occasion. THESE bubble wands come in 6-packs for $4.64 and the sidewalk chalk comes with 20 pieces (and is only 98¢/container!) For that price, you could even gift each person his/her own box, haha. You can find the plastic treat bags I used to tie it all together HERE.

Party Favor Themes and Ideas for Preschool Kids

2. Party Animals

What to Include in the Party Favors: 

Five Easy Preschool Kids Party Favor Ideas

Grab a bucket of animal figurines (THIS one comes with 40 pieces for under $10), and toss a few in each treat bag with animal crackers. The real MVP of this party favor though are THESE felt animal masks! They come as a 12-pack for $11.99 and they are ADORABLE in person!

Toddler and Preschool Party Favor Ideas and Themes!

3. Water World

What to Include in the Party Favors: 

Other Ideas:

  • diving toys
  • goggles

Easy Preschool and Toddler Party Favor Ideas

I actually came up with “You float my boat, Valentine” and tied THESE small plastic boats to packs of goldfish for Eliza’s class Valentines. It was easy to expand from there to round out a water-fun themed party favor. THESE classic inflatable beach balls are .97¢/ea., the boats come in a 3-pack for $2.50, and THESE water blasters comes as a pack of two for $5.43, currently.

4. Nature Hunt

What to Include in the Party Favors: 

Easy Kids Party Favor Ideas

THIS plastic quart containers with lids can serve as nature collectors, scavenger hunt buckets, or with a few holes, bug/firefly catchers! THESE nets are decent sized and can be found HERE and the flashlights come in at $1/ea.

Kids and Preschool Party Favor Ideas!

5. Creativity is Contagious

What to Include in the Party Favors: 

Preschool and Kids Party Favor Themes and Ideas!

It’s as simple as grabbing a few bulk art supplies and divvying them up! While I went for inexpensive coloring books, you can also go for activity books or drawing pads. Bonus if you sneak a few sheets of stickers inside the treat bags!

Preschool Party Favor Ideas and Themes

Easy, Fun Kids Party Favor Ideas

Many of the components for these ideas were available in my local store — per Walmart.com — so for those of you who are eligible and in range of free delivery from your local store (with a $35 minimum order), most of these could have arrived the same day. How convenient is that? If you’re like me and aren’t quite in range currently, you’ll still get them shipped quickly and for free with a Walmart+ membership. Again, you can check your address for your same-day delivery eligibility HERE.

Have any past winning (EASY) party favors for pre-school/toddler aged children — for both at parties or school? I’d love to hear about them in the comment section below!

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