5 Fresh Corner Reading Nooks (Plus, Wayfair Presidents’ Day Sale)

Whether or not you’re an avid reader, integrating reading nooks into your home — in your living room, bedroom, or both — is one of the simplest ways to dress up a corner; bring functionality to your space; create additional seating; and give your room a softened, intentional, and lived-in aesthetic. Since I’m a big reader now, I utilize my reading nooks for their literal named purpose, but I was incorporating reading nooks long before I was sitting down regularly with books. Today, I’m sharing key components of a comprehensive reading nook, along with five designs and ideas for any corner/nook in your home.

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Everything featured in today’s post can be found at Wayfair and most items are discounted (up to 70% off, with fast shipping) for their President’s Day sale. If you’re looking to outfit a nook from scratch, or dress up a moment you’ve already started, it’s the perfect time to add/upgrade.

*Note: Prices are subject to change.

On Trend & Classic Upholstered Swivel Armchairs

I love a classic, neutral, swivel chair — not only are they timeless and versatile across all rooms, but they’re also fool-proof mixed with any style and resistant to changing trends. I found so many pretty, similarly styled swivel chairs, I had to share a few highly rated favorites across multiple price points.

Coming in at a wildly awesome value, Number 1 is currently under $280. Number 2 is currently under $370, and Number 3 is under $470 and comes with free white glove delivery! Number 4 tops the list and also comes with free white glove delivery — all come with multiple fabric options.

See them in the below graphic, listed in order of price…

Wayfair Corner Reading Nook Design

1. | 2. | 3. | 4.

Reading Nook Formula & Components

When I decide I want to turn a corner into a reading nook/corner seating moment, I have several go-tos I immediately consider to complete the area. Depending on how the space functions will determine if I edit some thing(s) out and if I’m trying to be as simple/minimal as possible, I’ll try to incorporate multipurpose pieces that will perform double duty. Here are a few fool-proof pieces to help you simply create a reading corner.

  • Accent chair — depending on the area and how rigorously it will be used will determine what kind of chair, and how comfort will be prioritized
  • Table — at minimum, a place to set a drink and a book
  • Lighting — task lighting is especially great and I love a floor lamp so you don’t have to take up table space
  • Rug — dependent upon room but can help define spaces within rooms
  • Wall decor — art, mirrors, windows, wall detail
  • Storage — for blankets/books (ottomans, baskets, trunks)
  • Throw blanket
  • Foot rest — pouf/ottoman
  • Minimal accessories — vase, coasters, coffee table book

Reading Corner Look 1

Wayfair Corner Reading Nook Design

1. Decorative Knot | 2. Floor Lamp | 3. Round Mirror | 4. Area Rug | 5. Swivel Arm Chair | 6. Round Drum End Table | 7. Earthenware Table Vase

I can’t stress the value of THIS mirror (Number 3) enough — we have it in our home and I think I’ve shared it no fewer than 100 times on KN. It comes in multiple sizes and finishes. I love THIS drum table (Number 6) that also comes in a white wash finish, and THIS barrel swivel chair (Number 5) is HIGHLY rated, on sale, comes in a bunch of fabric options.

Reading Corner Look 2

Wayfair Corner Reading Nook Design

1. Landscape Art | 2. Round Rattan Mirror | 3. Floor Lamp | 4. Leather Arm Chair | 5. Pedestal End Table | 6. Upholstered Ottoman | 7. Earthenware Vase | 8. Area Rug

Don’t sleep on Wayfair’s art — and that goes for THIS pretty framed landscape print (Number 1), that comes in multiple sizes and frame finish options. THIS cement jar (Number 7) comes in multiple sizes and is perfect year-round, and one of my favorite budget-friendly rugs now comes in this pretty charcoal color (Number 8)!

Reading Corner Look 3

Wayfair Corner Reading Nook Design

1. Round Mirror | 2. Framed Art | 3. Floor Lamp | 4. Wood Drum End Table | 5. Swivel Arm Chair | 6. Floor Lamp | 7. Area Rug

THIS pretty swivel chair (Number 5) was featured in a graphic earlier in the post, is budget friendly, and arrives with free white glove delivery. I love a corner task light (like Number 3) but I’m a sucker for the detail of Number 6. Also, this rug (Number 7) is a long time personal fave (we have a color variation in our home) and I can’t believe it has thousands of glowing reviews now!

Reading Corner Look 4

Wayfair Corner Reading Nook Design

1. Rattan End Table | 2. Framed Print Set | 3. Terracotta Table Vase | 4. Boucle Armchair | 5. Floor Lamp | 6. Area Rug

THIS clean-lined-but-cozy boucle armchair (Number 4) is on sale for under $320 and I have adored THIS perfect little accent table (Number 1) for so long. THESE art prints (Number 2) come in multiple matte, frame, and size options! I also love THIS painting in similar colors that comes in a ton of customization options.

Reading Corner 5

Wayfair Corner Reading Nook Design

1. Floor Lamp | 2. Round Wood End Table | 3. Pedestal End Table | 4. Botanical Print Set | 5. Stoneware Table Vase | 6. Cane Upholstered Arm Chair | 7. Area Rug

What may be one of my favorite Wayfair finds ever, THIS wide cane sided chair (Number 6) is gorgeous. It also currently has a perfect 5* rating. THIS stoneware vase (Number 5) comes in both white and black, and THIS fluted accent table (Number 2) comes in three wood finish colors!

My Current Reading Corner

I’m still not sure what I’ll ultimately do in my bedroom reading nook, but after accidentally bringing in a chair that clashed with my bed and other furniture, I brought back in THIS pretty windowpane chair. And then, I worked to simplify the corner a bit by trading my sad, deflated pouf and baskets in for THIS storage ottoman that takes care of both footrest and storage needs. Streamlining this space — even just a little bit — made a world of difference! By the way, my chair also comes in a charcoal windowpane HERE.

Wayfair Corner Reading Nook Design

Floor Lamp | Upholstered Accent Chair | Storage Ottoman | Area Rug

And because I’m such a proponent of multipurpose pieces — especially in small spaces like reading nooks — here are a few fave storage ottomans from Wayfair…

Wayfair Corner Reading Nook Design

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8. | 9.

Another favorite corner, this corner isn’t often used and is more for conversation than cuddled up reading, so this wood-framed accent chair works well. It’s currently on sale for under $180 HERE and would also work well as a pair.

Formal Sitting Room Reveal- A Casual, Transitional Conversation Room

Cane Back Accent Chair

If you’re a reader who tends to read from bed (and ultimately and prematurely falls asleep), dedicating a space for reading that isn’t a bed has done wonders for keeping me awake and comfy. Try putting together a casual reading nook in an available corner — it doesn’t require much room and I bet before long, you’ll find them popping up all over your house.

Wayfair President’s Day Sale

For the holiday weekend, Wayfair has some fantastic home deals happening, up to 70% off. Be sure to click on pieces you’ve been considering for projects/upgrades around your home for current sale prices! Here are some of the on-sale categories, going on right now…

Area Rugs — Up to 70% Off

Bath Vanities & More — Up to 50% Off

Bedding — Up to 65% Off

Bedroom Furniture — Up to 55% Off

Cookware & Bakeware — Up to 60% Off

Curtains & Drapes — Up to 70% Off

Entryway Furniture — Up to 50% Off

Flooring & Hardware — Up to 40% Off

Home Office Furniture — Up to 50% Off

Kids Bedroom — Up to 50% Off

Kitchen & Dining Furniture — Up to 55% Off

Kitchen Faucets & More — Up to 60% Off

Lighting — Up to 50% Off

Living Room Seating — Up to 50% Off

Living Room Tables & Stands — Up to 50% Off

Major Appliances — Up to 40% Off

Mattresses & More — Up to 60% Off

Mirrors & Decor — Up to 55% Off

Nursery Furniture — Up to 45% Off

Pet — Up to 45% Off

Small Appliances — Up to 40% Off

Storage & Organization — Up to 45% Off

Tableware — Up to 55% Off

Wall Art — Up to 70% Off

Fireplaces & Heaters — Up to 50% Off

Outdoor Furniture — Up to 50% Off

Outdoor Upgrades — Up to 40% Off

Surplus Sale – Up to 50% Off

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