A Year’s Worth of Charcuterie Board Ideas (+ a New Shrimp Cocktail Platter)

There’s no better time than Super Bowl Sunday to talk festive food! Today, in addition to a brand new themed board, we’re taking a walk down memory lane and taking a look back at all the charcuterie board ideas and themes we created over the past year. Since March 2020, we’ve approached each charcuterie board as inspiration to be re-created or scaled down for your family and innermost circles. Today is no different. In a former life, it would probably just be called a “shrimp platter” but it today’s world of rampantly growing interest of turning everything into a charcuterie board, this shrimp cocktail display isn’t just a “platter” — it’s a “shrimp charcuterie board” 😉

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Shrimp Charcuterie Board

This board is so simple and consists only of a few items. But, I think it also emphasizes the power of a pretty display and how presentation can change everything. We’re all familiar with the pre-arranged shrimp rings at the grocery store, right? But, what if you nix the plastic and pull together a custom platter?

The Prettiest Shrimp Platter for Your Next Shower or Party

Enter — the shrimp charcuterie board.

Pretty Shrimp Board Platter for Your Next Party

Mini Wooden Spoons (SIMILAR) | Platter – no longer available (SIMILAR 1) (SIMILAR 2) | Ramekins (SIMILAR) | Bamboo Handle Seafood Forks – vintage (SIMILAR)

Pretty Shrimp Charcuterie Board Idea

We live nowhere near the gulf but we love Costco shrimp. They come in a plastic container, already de-veined, and are a bit larger than some of the typical shrimp rings you’ll find at the grocery store.

Pretty Shower Foods -- Shrimp Charcuterie Board

What Goes On a Shrimp Charcuterie Board?

I started with a favorite thin white platter. If you aren’t eating immediately or want to keep the shrimp chilled, you can also put down a layer of ice and cover it in plastic wrap. For sauces, you could totally stick to the standard cocktail sauce on its own, but when we’re putting together a charcuterie board, we typically like to give several options for different flavor profiles. We loaded ramekins of cocktail, tarter, and remoulade, as well as Old Bay and cajun seasonings. Thinly sliced lemon rounds are interspersed with the shrimp, and lastly, we topped and garnished with a little bit of fresh parsley.

Shrimp Party Platter Charcuterie Board Idea

As a note, even if you start with a pre-arranged ring, purchase/make more cocktail sauce than what the ring comes with. That little cup won’t last long. Also, buy more fresh lemons than you think you may need. In a sea of meatballs, dips, burgers and wings, these shrimp are the perfect lighter fare to round out your spread, or serve as the headliner/main event.

And, if you’re planning a night in with your fam but want a festive menu, a shrimp charcuterie board is a fun (silly-simple) entree that you probably don’t have that often!

Now, let’s take a look back at some of the other charcuterie boards we’ve served up over the past 12 months. While some are a bit more holiday-specific, several are totally worthy of being the hero of your Super Bowl supper. You can click on the title of any board to go to the full, original post that details each board.

Santa & Reindeer Christmas Charcuterie Board

Night Before Christmas Santa and Reindeer Charcuterie Boards -- Cookies for Santa; Veggies for Reindeer!

Bookmark for now or pin and save for later — if you’ve had a themed charcuterie board go over well, share what you came up with in the comment section below!

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  1. 2.3.21

    WOW!!! !! Kelley you Knocked It Out Of The Park With This Post!!!! What a great post for Super Bowl Food ideas!!! I like them all! I truly appreciate all your great ideas!!! You Were Meant to be a full time SUPER blogger.. and to be Eliza’s Mama!!! Thanks.. What a great post.. as they always are! Thanks, Debbie!

    • 2.6.21

      Hi Debbie, You are simply the sweetest. Thank you for your kind note! These boards are such fun to create. I hope you have fun watching the Super Bowl.

  2. 2.3.21
    Gretchen Thomas said:

    You are definitely the queen of the boards! And I love this new one. What a fantastic and light board that is so great for any occasion or any time of year.

    • 2.6.21

      Nan, Thank you so much! As you know, I LOVE making the boards. I can’t wait to do the next!

  3. 2.3.21

    Loved these! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    • 2.6.21

      Hi Leslie, Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave a note. I am so happy to know that you like these ideas!

  4. 2.3.21
    Cecilia from Georgia said:

    Wowsie! I didn’t realize how many beautiful boards you put together! I tried to pick a favorite but can’t narrow it down. What do you do with all that food after you are finished? I am sure Dave enjoys it. Is Liza eating table food? What is her favorite food? Y’all be careful if you get out with the cold weather coming!

    • 2.6.21

      Hi Cecilia, Thank you so much for your sweet note! The portions of each food on the board are not huge, so we are able to enjoy and eat most of the bounty. Eliza has eaten the same food that we do for quite some time. She loves all fruit and most veggies. It’s hard to pick a favorite, because she eats most of the things on her plate. xoxo

  5. 2.4.21
    Barbara said:

    Charcuterie means a selection of meats, as at a delicatessen.
    Just doesn’t work with sweet things.
    Your arrangements are beautiful so how about coming up with another, correct word to describe them?

    • 2.8.21

      Hi Barbara, Thank you for weighing in on my post. I totally agree with you and think I may have mentioned this in one of my board posts in the past. However in the past year, themed board displays have starting booming in popularity and in my research, they are being searched with the terminology “charcuterie board,” regardless of what is displayed on the board. I do a lot of research on key words and trends prior to writing my posts to make sure they are discoverable for people searching the web. For this reason, I used phrasing that is more highly searched, rather than technically accurate, according to the definition. Thank you again for taking the time to stop by.

  6. 2.4.21
    Mae said:

    Those are all fabulous! Definitely going to copy some of those.

    • 2.6.21

      Mae, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by! I hope you have as much fun as I did in creating your own boards!

  7. 2.4.21

    Kelly Ann…what great board you have created! it’s just 3 of us this year but your post reminded me to still make fun food for the day!

    • 2.6.21

      Hi Linda, Thank you so much for your kind note. I’ve had such fun creating these boards. I am so glad to know you will be having some fun goods for the day!

  8. 6.3.21
    Valerie said:

    Hi! These boards are gorgeous and so inspiring! I love the size and look of the large wooden board you use for the BBQ, Valentine’s and Rise & Shine, could you please tell me the dimensions? Thanks for the beautiful ideas, excited to try some and impress people!

    • 6.5.21

      Hi Valerie, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I really appreciate your kind note! I love the board you’ve mentioned and have found that it is so versatile. I believe the dimensions are 16″ x 28.5″. Here’s a link, if that helps! I would love to see what you do, so please share when you implement.