Pottery Barn Sofa Comparison: Cameron vs. Pearce vs. Buchanan (Yes, we did “a thing”)

Once upon a time, on a Friday afternoon, a girl was sitting at her computer. What she didn’t know then, as she ate her Fourth of July leftovers for lunch, is that within the next two hours, she would have ordered two new sofas. Spoiler alert- said “girl” was actually me and this is a true story. And, she now has a full Pottery Barn sofa comparison.

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Let’s back up a little… If you are a regular reader, you probably know of our big sectional in the great room. You also probably know about my love/hate relationship with it. I love the functionality, I love the comfort and it has so much room. But, I ordered it before we moved in and it takes up so much space (a little too much space for us). It’s also a little darker than I would prefer against our greige walls. And, 3/4 of the sofa remains untouched because it’s just me and Dave. The worst part which I hadn’t considered is (in case you didn’t know, both Dave and I are on the shorter side) because of our height, we have a difficult time getting in and out of it- especially the chaise. And with the shape of our room, the chaise has been more of a hindrance. When we broke the coffee table over NYE during a lively game of jumbo Jenga, I didn’t want to pay to replace it, knowing I had my eyes on eventually replacing our sofa for something that fit our space (and needs) a little better. So, here it sits, seven months later, with an oversized tray holding down the broken mirrored glass. Real safe, right? haha

La-Z-Boy Aspen Sectional in Large Great Room Family Room with TV over fireplace

Sources: Rug | Wingback Chairs | End Table | Blue and White Jar | Lidded Rattan Basket (similar) | White Tray (similar) | Clock 


1. Striped Pillows | 2. Indigo Print Pillow | 3. Indigo Velvet Pillow

I’ve been looking at sofas casually for months. I had looked at a few from Crate and Barrel and had even considered the Axis II. But, knowing I didn’t want to commit to something for many years down the road, I wanted to find a happy medium – something nice that wouldn’t break the bank and that I wouldn’t cry about spending the money on. I also knew I would be spending more on high performance fabric so the cost would likely be a good bit higher than the base price of the sofa. Our current sofa wasn’t cheap and the decision to divorce it wasn’t an easy one.


Pottery Barn has pretty frequent sales and my mind was pushing me in that direction; we’ve been really happy with all the upholstered furniture we’ve ever purchased there (see our Thatcher Wingback Chairs – shown in the photo above – and former Tall Tufted Harper Bed– also purchased together during a Buy More, Save More event). But, when I saw their occasional – Buy More, Save More event (up to 30% off when you spend $3,000+) – I decided it was time to go and test some out, in store. The three I was considering were the Pearce, the Cameron, and the Buchanan. I had heard great things about the PB Comfort but it was just too deep for us (more on that in a bit). A few things to keep in mind:

  • Each sofa is made to order, so you select your own fabric. We decided before we even headed out that especially because we love on our sofas hard (and because we wanted to go with a light fabric), we would need to get a higher (more expensive) performance fabric.
  • Each sofa comes in a slip-covered option. I knew I wanted upholstered so I don’t include the slip-covered options in the comparison.
  • Each sofa comes in a standard size, grand size, love seat size, and sectional. The sectionals are not included in the comparison below. I knew I wanted a sofa and love seat going into it so that is what our focus was on.
  • Each sofa comes in a roll arm and square arm option. We decided on the square arm pretty quickly. Surprising, the square arm is still padded and comfortable.
  • The roll arm sofas are longer but that is due to the arm size; the seat size is the same.

Here’s a run-down of our trip.


What We Liked: 

  • Aesthetic
  • Price
  • The grand is available in the longest length

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The depth – this was the most narrow of the sofas and I actually kind of liked the depth. My feet don’t usually touch the ground while sitting on sofas and they did on the Cameron. Dave was ok with it too but thought something a little wider would be more conducive for naps. The back cushions are removable, which would have been fine, too.
  • It doesn’t come with the down wrapped cushion option

*all images via PotteryBarn.com


PB Sofa Comparison- Cameron Roll Arm

PB Sofa Comparison- Cameron Square Arm


What We Liked: 

  • Aesthetic
  • Comes with down wrapped cushions
  • Low feet

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The depth – this depth was actually pretty good but I would have preferred just an inch or two more shallow.
  • Two seat cushions- I actually like the look and think it would be great for lying on but when I started imagining the rare occasion of having someone sit in the middle, I didn’t like the idea of them having to share the two cushions.
  • The lengths are on the shorter side – the “grand” size is actually almost the same size as the love seat size in other models. Ultimately, this was the deciding factor on why we decided against it.

PB Sofa Comparison- Pearce Roll Arm

PB Sofa Comparison- Pearce Square Arm


What We Liked: 

  • Aesthetic
  • Price
  • Perfect depth

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It doesn’t come with the down wrapped cushion option. This was the biggest contention when I was deciding whether or not to pull the trigger.
  • The love seat is pretty large- That isn’t a bad thing but it does make me nervous – I’m hoping I measured correctly!

PB Sofa Comparison- Buchanan Roll Arm

PB Sofa Comparison- Buchanan Square Arm

Here’s a quick breakdown of the factors we considered in comparing each of the Pottery Barn sofas – I wish I had created this prior to our trip!

Pottery Barn Sofa Review and Comparison between the Pearce, Buchanan, and Cameron


Ultimately, we went… with the Buchanan Square Arm Sofas! We ordered one grand and one love seat in Ivory Crypton performance fabric. A huge thank you to Tricia at the Alpharetta Avalon location who was a total gem, super informative, and beyond patient.

Pottery Barn Krypton Fabric in Ivory - Perfect Light Neutral

We were able to see a large piece of fabric in-store and they even had another sofa upholstered in it. I didn’t want something too cool or too yellow or too white – basically the perfect light neutral. I asked Dave if he knew when we took our little impromptu field trip we would be coming home with new sofas on the way – he gave me that look like “you can’t be serious” but I told him, “that’s funny because I didn’t even know!” It’s true- he knows me and my ways better than I know myself. Because we were able to get 30% off, we saved about $1,000 and I was shocked at how reasonable the final price was – even after the upgraded fabric, tax, and white glove delivery. If you have never ordered a large PB piece, when they deliver, they set everything up for you, where you want it. This even goes for beds.

I’ll be sure to report back and I’ll definitely be sharing them once they arrive (an estimated 6-8 weeks) and of course the other changes I’ll be making as a result (that shattered coffee table can’t make its exit fast enough!). If you are in the market for a new sofa(s), this will help as a guide for some of the specifics we were looking for but do your own research when it comes to sustainability and preferences. Our situation was finding something with good quality that would last – but not the best quality that would be a huge investment for decades. If these do, I would be thrilled! I know that years down the road, if you do think your cushions aren’t as plump as they used to be, you can order replacements.

Sources: Buchanan Square Arm Sofa | Buchanan Roll Arm Sofa | Cameron Roll Arm Sofa | Cameron Square Arm Sofa | Pearce Roll Arm Sofa | Pearce Square Arm Sofa  


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  1. 7.8.18

    Congratulations on your purchase! I cracked up at Dave’s look ‘you can’t be serious ‘ lololol I cannot wait to see it in its new space. I am sure you are going to have that room looking even more beautiful than it does now!

    • 7.9.18

      Marion, I’ve come to know that look all too well! haha!

    • 5.20.20
      Holly Fritz said:

      Love your wall color , may I ask what color it is? Looking for a neutral wall color for my entire first floor.

      • 5.24.20

        Hi Holly, Thank you for stopping by! Our living room is Versatile Gray by Sherwin Williams. Hope this helps! xoxo

  2. 7.8.18
    Kelly said:

    I loved reading your sofa comparisons and it is very timely as I am starting to look for a new sofa! I’ve put it off for a long time because it is such a daunting task! We have had our Bernhardt sofa and chair for a long time…too long even though it has held up well and still looks good but I’m ready for an update! I want light and bright and not too expensive, all the things you described! I love that you have been so detailed with your descriptions and it helps me immensely! Your home is beautiful and as I said before – you are the most helpful and consistent blogger that I follow and I really do thank you for all you do!

    Kelly from TX:)

    • 7.8.18

      Kelly, oh my goodness, that truly is the ultimate compliment. THANK YOU! And I get it- even if you can pay top dollar for a sofa that will last 50 years, do you really want to? Haha. I will keep you posted and am anxious for them to arrive!

  3. 7.8.18
    Gretchen Thomas said:

    I am so excited for you, as I know this is a major and long time purchase. Loved the look and comfort of your sectional. But…reflecting back, you have always had to give me a push to get up from it! ???? Can’ wait to see your new look!

    • 7.9.18

      HAHAH! That is so true! It’s the pre-bedtime workout 😉

  4. 7.8.18
    Bridget said:

    I was just at PB last week sofa testing. The Buchanan was also my favorite. I’ve been trying to decide if I want slipcovered or upholstery…I have my eye on the Performance Heather Tweed in Ivory. Nice to know that you like it too after a very thorough comparison!

    • 7.9.18

      Bridget, how coincidental! Just hearing that makes me more confident in our choice!!

      • 8.16.20
        Elizabeth said:

        I love your original Laz-E-Boy sectional! I’m sure you will do wonders with your new arrangement though.
        As far as sectionals, do you recommend yours? We’re looking to buy large and comfortable!

        • 8.18.20

          Hi Elizabeth, Thank you so much for stopping by! I can tell you that the Laz-E-Boy sectional was extremely comfortable. I made the change due to the size of our living room and the look. I hope you find something that you love!

    • 7.9.18
      Kim said:

      If you have kids, then I would definitely suggest the slipped covered option. We have the PB Comfort slipped covered couch (granite it’s pretty light in color) we have 2 small kids and this thing launders VERY well. We wash it a lot! WE have just recently renovated our basement and will be needing a couch down there and I am not going to hesitate to go with another PB couch!

      • 7.10.18

        I know several people who have the slip covered with no regrets, too- so glad you have been so pleased with yours!

  5. 7.8.18
    Jennifer said:

    So excited for you Kelley! I’m impressed with how thorough you were too! Can’t wait to see the rest of the changes and the new sofas when they arrive! xo

    • 7.9.18

      Jen, I’m feeling like you now! Literally, all over the place- a little here, a little there. Except, you’ve been able to beautifully finish spaces; I’m still turning in circles! haha

  6. 7.8.18
    Tricia Crawford said:

    Excellent comparisons and very helpful for those in the market for new sofas. With so many options, it is a lot to think about! Thank you for stopping by our store and giving me the opportunity to assist you- such a pleasure!

    • 7.9.18

      Tricia, thank YOU for being so helpful; it was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to visiting again!

  7. 7.8.18
    Sharna said:

    Great post. Thank you for the timely and useful information!

    By the way,

    Hinderance = Hindrance
    Laying = Lying

  8. 7.8.18
    Becky said:

    I hope the Krypton fabric holds up for you. When we moved into our home nearly 5 years ago we had our then couches reupholstered in a light iovry/white Krypton fabric from Calico. It was nice for a while, but then the fabric started to pill up like a sweater, in the places we sat often. We shaved it many times, but eventually we couldn’t shave the fabric enough to look good. It also didn’t clean up as well as I thought it should. So we ditched those couches and bought some that have washable slipcovers. I worked hard to find couches that looked decent with the slipcover option and I am still thrilled with our choice two years later. I hope Krypton has improved their wearability so that you can enjoy your new couches for many years. Great choice in couch style and size – I’m sure they will look perfect in your lovely space!

    • 7.9.18

      Hi, Becky! I think tweed-like material (both high quality and otherwise) has a tendency to pill. That was one question I asked about the specific fabric I chose and they assured me that it shouldn’t be a problem with that type of material. I’m definitely excited to get them!

  9. 7.8.18
    Janet said:

    So very timely as I too have been sofa shopping and am also strongly considering taking the plunge tomorrow night on the last day of the 30% off offerwith Pottery Barn. I looked at a few other options outside of PB but don’t want to spend my hard-earned money and settle on something that I’m not really that thrilled with. I also am looking at the Buchanan and considered the 80″ PB Comfort sofa but agree that the 39 inch depth is ideal for me. I wish their shipping charges weren’t so high but I have several things from PB that I just absolutely love, including a media console. So glad you shared your observations. One downside … with most sofas nowadays having a lower profile my cats will not be able to hide under the sofa when guests come over. I do feel badly about that. ?

    • 7.9.18

      Hi, Janet! What a coincidence! I agree- for us, the Buchanan seemed like the perfect fit. Also with you in that I don’t want to skimp on such an important, functional piece but also don’t want to trap myself in having to have it for 20 years to get my money’s worth haha. Their shipping isn’t cheap but after seeing how they’ve delivered and set up other pieces, I’m a-ok with it. You’ll have to let me know if you pull the trigger!

      • 7.19.18
        Janet Bracey said:

        I did pull the trigger and ordered the Buchanan loveseat, chair and ottoman. Wondering if I should have considered one or two of their Thatcher wingback chairs in lieu of the armchair because of my small LR set up but too late to change. Am excited about their new performance brushed basketweave cotton fabric–so soft! Liked both the oatmeal and sand colors but settled on oatmeal. Coming first week of September!

        • 7.23.18

          Janet, how exciting!!! I have some items in oatmeal (I think that’s what my wingbacks are) and love the color. I would love to see a photo when you get everything in!

  10. 7.9.18

    Kelley- great choice!!! I’ve placed the Buchanan in many client’s homes since they came out with this piece about 5 years ago. My clients love it all for the same reasons you list. I’ve never placed an order in your fabric selection, but I’ve seen it in person and it’s beautiful. Can’t wait to see these pieces in your home!

    • 7.23.18

      Marissa, that makes me even more excited. THANK YOU for sharing!!

  11. 7.10.18

    Thanks for this fabulous info. I’m currerntly shopping for sofas and love the PB brand. But I’m like you….a little vertically challenged.. LOL..So the info about the depth was key. Congrats on your purchase. Looking forward to seeing it in place. Wish me luck…..as I’m still so undecided. 🙁 Susie from The Chelsea Project

    • 7.23.18

      Susie, it’s a big decision! I was stagnant, doing online research for months until I finally went in-store. Then, I was just able to make that decision! (finally). Good luck finding the perfect sofa for you and your fam!

  12. 7.10.18
    Colleen said:

    I have two PB Comfort sofas and I HATE them! To be fair, I cheaped out and didn’t get the down cushions and went with a lower end fabric, but they started to fail almost from day one. The seat cushions flattened. The fabric stretched (it’s 100% cotton). The back cushions have a little dog leg that goes over the arm and the stuffing shifted out of it. It’s impossible to get it back in no matter how much I shake and pluck at it. I even opened one up and replaced the (really nasty, nylon-like) filling with fiberfill but it still looks bad.

    On the plus side, the frame is very sturdy. The cushion covers come off and can be washed. They looked great in the beginning!

    I think if you go with the down cushions and performance fabrics, you will have a better experience that I have. But my next sofa will be a $500 piece from Wayfair!

    • 7.23.18

      Colleen, I hate you didn’t like your PB Comfort- they are BIG but the down filled one I tested in store was almost like a bed! I do know you can get replacement cushions from PB- if you are still on the fence, trying to make it work, it may be worth it to give them a call?

      • 7.26.18
        Colleen said:

        That’s a great idea Kelley! It never occurred to me. It would be nice to get a few more years out of them. Thank you!!!!

  13. 7.11.18
    Corine said:

    Hi, Kelly, we recently purchased the Pearce sofa and ended up getting the recliner to match. Not sure what your issue with the down was, but I would have preferred not to have any down in my cushions, but that wasn’t a choice.

    We ordered it in February and received it in May – a long lead time.

    I would say it is on the petite size, but I’m small and so is the room, so it works ok.

    Like you, I had a fab designer in Scottsdale who had endless patience.

    I admit I like my Ethan Allen purchase better, but this was about half the cost.

    We haven’t really had it long enough to give it much of a review, but so far so good.

    Best to you!

    • 7.23.18

      Corine, that is good to hear! My selection doesn’t come with a down option; sounds like we are opposite on preferences! I know people who purchased EA sofas who have had them for half a lifetime. But, as you said, I didn’t want to commit to a “half a lifetime price tag” on these haha. I hope you end up loving your new pieces!

  14. 7.14.18
    DeAnn said:

    Thank you for the info. I am also in the hunt. I was interested in the same sofa. Do you know if they have any with white piping? Or any of the sofas? I can’t seem to find one of that style with piping. I really want a soft grey with white piping. Help!

    • 7.23.18

      Hi, Deann! I don’t believe you can choose your piping to make it a contrasting color on any of the PB sofas.

  15. 7.24.18
    Sue said:

    Sofa shopping can be daunting! It sounds like you did your research so you should be happy! I hope you like them. Love the fabric color!

    I purchased a new sofa as well this year. I did a ton of research and decided on a tight back sofa and love it. I went with a darker neutral with the fabric as well after years of white and light colored sofas. I was pretty nervous about that but I really like it. The tight back always looks so crisp. It’s not a forever sofa, but I find I am ready for a different style every few years or so. (I had a big landscaping project this year so that took priority.) The important thing is that it looks great and it’s a good napping sofa.?

    • 7.27.18

      Sue, sounds like YOU did YOUR research! That’s awesome and I totally agree. I think that’s awesome you found a good compromise and are pleased but didn’t blow or go beyond your budget!

  16. 10.26.18
    Amy Scholz said:

    Have you received your sofas yet? I am considering the Buchanan sectional. Thanks!

    • 11.1.18

      Hi, Amy! YES! So far, so good! You can see our progress update here: https://kelleynan.com/affordable-transitional-living-room-furnishings/

      • 8.27.20
        Nicole Petkovich said:

        We are trying to decide between the Buchanan and Pearce sectional… thank you for the post! Would love to hear what others think of the sectionals as well.

        • 8.29.20

          Hi Nicole, Thank you so much for stopping by. We have been very pleased with the Buchanan. I wish you the best of luck in making your decision!

  17. 1.21.19
    Kelly Welling said:

    This post is so helpful. I have been researching sofas for months and I keep coming back to this one. I haven’t been able to see one in person though because they don’t have it on the floor in our store. One thing I’m concerned about is the cushions. I don’t want the down cushions anyway, but I had pretty much decided I wanted memory foam. These just say polyester unlike other PB sofas that have a memory foam option. Would you tell me anything you can about the cushions. I’m concerned about sagging in the long run.
    Love your blog.

    • 1.23.19

      Hi, Kelly! The Cameron is going to be really similar to the Buchanan and has the same seat (it’s just going to be more shallow than the Buchanan). If they have that in store, that will give you a better idea. We haven’t had any sagging (we also haven’t used them rigorously). I can’t compare to any that have memory foam; I’m so sorry!!

  18. 2.20.19
    Stephen said:

    Hi Kelly-thanks for the sofa review. I have to ask…your big sectional in the picture, where is that from? That is exactly what I am looking for currently, but can’t find the right fit but this would be perfect!

  19. 3.27.19
    Terri Hicke said:

    Hi Kelly,

    Weird question- where was your big sectional from that you had before you got the pottery barn couches?

  20. 4.6.19
    Monica Waisner said:

    Hi Kelly. It is Divine Intervention that I found your post on the PB couches tonight! I’m trying to purchase a couch for my daughter who lives in TX and I’m here in Atlanta which makes it very challenging. I was in PB today looking at the Buchanan and thought it was perfect for her first “real” furniture. I too am a little concerned about not having a down wrapped cushion option and wondered how your cushions are performing. Sales lady said the couch in the store feels like down because so many people sit on it but that when it comes to your home it takes a long time for the cushions to soften up. Can you please weigh in on that? Also, any pilling with this fabric? Thanks so much!

    • 5.15.19

      Monica, I’m so sorry I’m just seeing this and you may have already made a decision! So, the performance fabric we chose has NOT pilled at all. The cushions DO take time to break in but for us, still look great. We don’t use them as “hard” as some families yet but they still look great. It is such a great price (during the big sales) but isn’t our forever sofas. If I had to choose, while these have served us well for the price, I will say that I think I would prefer the down.

  21. 8.9.19
    Ashley Bullock said:

    This was soooo helpful! We’re purchasing a new sofa (sectional) and we’re looking at the Pearce. How has your sofa held up after a year? Also, how on earth did you get 30% off?!

    • 8.13.19

      Ashley, it has held up very well — especially surprising with the price. They will have buy more, save more sales u to 30% off a few times a year!!

  22. 8.16.19
    Lindsay said:

    I have been trying to decide on a fabric and was between the performance tweed and the ivory crypton and this has helped me decide on fabric, but still curious if you’re pleased with that fabric? I think I just read a post that you would have preferred down over the memory foam? That’s what I’m struggling with now. We are going with the PB comfort I think because we do want deep.

    • 8.21.19

      Lindsay, I am still 100% pleased with the fabric (and that is with three dirty dogs lounging). Yes, I do wish I had the down (ours didn’t come in that option) but I think the comfort does!

  23. 11.3.19
    Joyce lilya said:

    Ordered Buchanan performance tweed ash. Also ordered Irving swivel molasses leather chair for a very small den in a very small 2 br house. Fingers crossed because not good at this at all, but your posts have been very reassuring! My house needs a lot of work and this is just the beginning.

    • 11.5.19

      Joycem, that’s wonderful! I hope everything comes together just as you want- our performance fabric has been amazing!

  24. 11.9.19
    peggy tocco said:

    Just checking to see how you like your sofa now. Been looking at the reviews for pottery barn and they’re not very good for their sofas.

    • 11.20.19

      Peggy, we have been incredibly pleased with ours after a year and a half (especially for the price during Friends and Family sale). The cushions haven’t dented or worn down at all. I would defintely go for a performance fabric but we have been very happy with ours.

  25. 1.16.20
    G. Schaffer said:

    I’m in process of purchasing a sofa. Considering the Buchanan 79” loveseat. Have a kitty and probably will go for either the velvet or suede.
    Need an opinion please. I can’t upgrade the cushions on this standard Buchanan sofa. I like cushions to be on the soft side and not stiff or hard. Will be using sofa as a guest sleeper as it is long. Thoughts?

  26. 5.25.20
    Jenny G said:

    Hi Kelly
    Just wondering if you still loved your sofa choice. Have the cushions held up (firmness) and has the fabric been easy to clean. I have 4 kids 2 dogs and would love to do a white(ish) sofa. I have had great luck with PB pearce everyday suede but would like a change.

    • 5.29.20

      Hi Jenny, I do still love the sofa choice. It has held up great, with three pups, two adults, visitors and now an infant. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and to comment.

  27. 8.22.20
    Denise said:

    I’m considering the Buchanan loveseat as a sofa but I’m hesitant because the measurements on the Pottery Barn site may be incorrect.
    I had ordered a Turner sofa and the measurements are way off (very deep). So disappointing…
    Would you mind providing the measurements of the loveseat whenever you get the chance please?
    Thank you

    • 8.29.20

      Hi Denise, Thank you so much for stopping by. The approximate measurements are 75″ wide, 37″ depth of the entire frame. The seat cushion depth is approximately 22″ from the front of the back pillow. I hope this helps!

  28. 3.18.21
    Laurie Gehrke said:

    how did the pottery barn buchanan sofas work out for you?

    • 3.19.21

      Hi Laurie,
      We’ve enjoyed them and they’ve lasted well for us. We just got a York loveseat for our conversation room and love it!

  29. 5.12.21
    Jane P Fleming said:

    Did you get your Buchanan sofas? Are they comfortable?

    • 5.12.21

      Hi Jane, Yes, we ultimately went with the Buchanan sofas. They are comfortable and have held up great! We did just purchase the York slope-armed sofa for our conversation room and love it, too!

  30. 8.5.21
    Jennifer Young said:

    Hi Kelley! Great comparison! We actually just recently ordered the rolled arm 3 cushion 87” sofa (for pretty much exactly the pro reasons you laid out) and matching chair plus the Manhattan chair. We ordered in late June and none of it will arrive until Sept/Oct timeframe but I’m hoping we at least get it before Thanksgiving! 😊 Appreciate your great article though!

    • 8.6.21

      Hi Jennifer, Thank you for taking the time to visit and for your kind note! I am still thrilled with our choice. The quality has been great and the sofa has held up well. I know it’s a long lead time, but good things come to those who wait.

  31. 2.12.22
    Kelly Ford said:

    We have the Buchanan couch in the grand size and the love seat version. Both in the performance white fabric. We absolutely hate them! Never been so unhappy with two pieces of furniture as we are with these. I wish PB provided reviews because I would warn all to stay away. I miss our old PB comfort roll arm grand sofa and loveseat, they were 10+ years old and still comfortable. Our Buchanan’s are just over 12 months old and we can’t stand them. Torture couches. I can’t help but wonder if ours were a manufacturing defect, the down cushions are rock hard, the bench seats are rock hard and the fabric is pilling horribly, the frame has zero cushion around the arms so if you walk past them they tend to hit your hips or thighs and bruise. Numerous times now we have been injured by these ridiculously hard frames. For the $8500+ we spent I can honestly say they are absolutely garbage. Now we are looking to replace them, something I did not think we would be doing for years. Worse purchase possibly ever!

    • 2.14.22

      Hi Kelly, Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave a note. I am so sorry that your sofas did not meet your expectations. We’ve had none of the issues that you mentioned and we are still very happy with ours. As you said, I wonder if these were made correctly for you? Have you reached out to Pottery Barn to let them know?

  32. 2.20.22
    Sharon ouka said:

    I’m so worried that I may have made a mistake going to the pottery barn Outlet instead of the retail store but I just couldn’t afford full
    Price. I purchased the Buchanan roll arm upholstered sofa 87” and it had rhe “performance heathered tweed” fabric with the color being “desert”
    Very pretty.
    Retail is listed at the store at $2499, with the discount at the store I got it for
    A great deal (I think)
    I ❤️ The sofa and look Except the cushions are a bit softer than I’d like and of course it’s not returnable. I’m going to have my reupholster put a firmer quality foam inside. Do tou have any thoughts on this. Is it Irma’s for them to
    Be on the softer feel. Cushions go down to low when tou sit in it. Getting in and out of it as a 72 yeuarndnia a bit difficult for
    Me. Please respond to
    My email thank tou

    • 2.22.22

      Sharon, Thank you for taking the time to stop by and congratulations to you on the fantastic deal you got on your sofa! We have been pleased with our cushions, but I recently received this same complaint on the softness from another reader. I’m not sure if something has recently changed? I would suggest that you discuss the options you are considering with your upholsterer to determine a solution that works for you.

  33. 1.18.23
    Mary said:

    Hi! We’re considering the performance everyday linen in ivory too. How has it held up with stains? Any denim dye transfer? Thank you!

    • 1.18.23

      Mary, Thank you for taking the time to visit. The fabric has held up great…and we have two dogs, a preschooler and use the sofas every day. We’ve never had an issue with denim dye transfer. I hope this helps!