My 2019 Christmas Home Tour is HERE with All New Color Schemes!

It’s Christmas Home Tour day! For the first time ever, I’m sharing before Thanksgiving — maybe it’s because Thanksgiving is so late this year; maybe it’s because so many of you have already decorated. Maybe it’s because we started weeks ago so we could take our time and enjoy the lights a little longer. We’re still early in the best time of year but it’s already felt like the most magical holiday season yet. This is the first year we get to introduce old traditions and start new ones as a family of three. We’re fully decorated, light evergreen candles each morning, and keep Christmas tunes rolling on the Echos. We took Christmas card photos this past weekend (for the first time in three years!) and I’ve been more diligent about finding all the deals Santa needs to know about 😉 We’ve booked a trip to Chattanooga next month and have a day planned for Santa pictures. We are working on our bucket list and I just received Eliza’s first ornament in the mail. We started early (everything takes a bit longer these days 😉 ) and my goal is to put the blog on vacay mode by mid-December, until next year. We want to do *all the things* but we want to go a little slower and not miss a single minute. Whether you’re celebrating next week amidst pumpkins and leaves and are here looking for ideas, or will be dining in the glow of lit trees and are just curious about what we’ve done, welcome! I’m excited to share what we’ve been up to and what our home will look like through the rest of 2019.

A few months ago — out of laziness or resourcefulness, I’m not quite sure — I decided that I wanted to try to leave put as much of my everyday and fall decor as possible. I wanted to keep my blue and white. I wanted to figure out a way to use my indigo pillows in the great room. I have also been craving a heavy dose of candy apple red… which is how I landed on a tartan vibe for 2019. The overall vibe is more simple but a bit bolder than my typical. There are plaids and magnolia leaves everywhere and I am so all about it 😉

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I think also for the first time, we haven’t actually finished our front porch prior to Home Tour day. We did have our roof outlined in lights earlier this month (we’ve wanted to do it for years and are so happy we finally did!) I”ll be sure to share the porch later but I don’t plan to deviate much from the usual, traditional decor 😉 Here is a favorite front porch moment from a couple years ago when we had snowfall in North Georgia before Christmas.

Snow Covered Christmas Porch

I don’t know if we’ll be that lucky this year but I would love to see our roofline covered and glowing! We’ll go ahead and head on in and I’ll share what actually is current 😉


We usually assemble a dining room tree (which adjoins the entry); this year, instead, we positioned a slim tree in front of the front door, adorned with all our family ornaments and little sentimentals from over the year. Our “nostalgia tree” in the past has been a taller tabletop tree and this year, we finally moved up a bit in size 😉 PS: We have a few of these slim trees from At Home now and love that they are 1. nice and full, 2. easy to fluff, and 3. fit most anywhere.

How to decorate a tree with family ornaments

I started with strands of wood bead garland and a little ribbon on the tree before adding all our special ornaments. I added in just a few silver balls and red berries, leaving her classic and understated. By the way, I haven’t picked out Dave’s new annual ornament for the year but THIS is Eliza’s.

How to Decorate a Family Christmas Tree with Sentimental Ornaments

I love using magnolia leaves because not only are they hearty but they will last the entire season. I trim fresh branches each winter to sprinkle throughout our home.

Easy Christmas Centerpiece Arrangement Idea

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Adjacent to the busier entry, I kept the dining room on the more simple side with layered plaids and scattered candles. There’s something I love about those collected-over-time-looking, mixed metals and varying candle types alongside the nostalgia tree.

Christmas Dining Room Decor with a Christmas Tree

Plaid Christmas Table Decorations with Candle Centerpiece

Elegant Christmas Table Decorations and Centerpiece

With a full table directly in front of it, I kept the sideboard as simple as possible.

Simple Christmas Dining Room Console

Nostalgia Christmas Tree with Family Ornaments

Scroll & Tap to Shop the Dining Room


The sitting room is a project I want to take on in 2020; I added wreaths to the French doors and some greenery in baskets and a vase but don’t spend much time in here 😉

Easy Magnolia Christmas Arrangement


The kitchen is also understated this year, reserving lots of room to do all the holiday things.

Christmas Kitchen Decor with Pomegranates

I don’t think I’ve moved this huge statement vase since I got it earlier this year; if you’re into faux or live stems and more substantial arrangements, THIS guy is a gorgeous centerpiece.

Christmas Kitchen Island Decor

Christmas Gift Wrapping in Plaid and Tartan

Christmas Kitchen Island Decor

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Same as in the dining room but opposite, because the sideboard in the breakfast nook is a bit busier with all that green and gold, I kept the table centerpiece simple and understated.

Breakfast Nook Greenery for Christmas

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Breakfast Nook Christmas Decor

By the way, right now, these round-back chairs are 40% off HERE!

Easy Christmas Decor for the Breakfast Nook

Simple Candle Table Centerpiece Idea

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The wood bead garland strands I have throughout my house are super inexpensive at At Home but if you don’t have one local, it’s a bit more but you can get a similar look HERE. Also, if you have never met the Fresh Balsam candle from Bath & Body Works, stock up for the holidays! I have an entire arsenal of refills for the next two months!

Breakfast Nook Sideboard Garland and Trees

Tartan Plaid Christmas Home Tour

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And now, let’s head on into the living room, where I put the lion’s share of my time and attention this year.


Like I said, the entire vibe of this space evolved from wanting to keep THESE washed velvet, midnight blue pillows in place. And the result — well, I don’t think I’ve ever loved our living room more.

Red and Navy Plaid Christmas Home Tour

I mixed and layered plaids, red berries, frosted blueberries (from Hobby Lobby) with gold, ornaments I had on hand, and a few new larger balls.

Plaid Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

You can see how I add ribbon to my Christmas tree in THIS tutorial. I twisted some of the thinner ribbon into more of a corkscrew shape, using the exact same method.

Plaid Christmas Tree Decor

I layered some on top of wider ribbon and kept some strips as individual pieces. And just as I mixed the plaid on the tree, I mixed the plaid under the tree too. I found THIS 4-roll wrapping paper set which ships quickly from Amazon. Obviously, I’m still in the early stages 😉 All the satin ribbon was sourced from the regular (not Christmas section) ribbon section at Hobby Lobby and the plaid came from a combination of stores like At Home.

Plaid Tartan Gift Wrap Ideas

Plaid Christmas Tree and Other Tartan Holiday Decor

Before I even started decorating, I ordered new stockings for our family. Instead of going theme-specific, I stuck to the faux fur and knit neutrals that will carry us through the years, regardless of annual themes.

Christmas Fireplace Decor with Greenery and Fur Stockings

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I feel like this beverage tub has been the “secret weapon” for my hearth over the past year but I’ve found uses for it each season. I also like that it makes the stone look a little more polished and bright since it could easily appear more muddy and rustic. You can find the beverage tub HERE (it’s currently 25% off).

Christmas Fireplace Decor Ideas

Plaid and Navy Christmas Decorations

Scroll & Tap to Shop

Christmas Console Table Decor (and other ideas!)

Scroll & Tap to Shop

Easy Christmas Decor Ideas

Simple Christmas Decor for Builtin Bookshelves

Shelf Christmas Decorations (Lots of Holiday Ideas!)

Plaid Christmas Living Room Decor

Easy Christmas Coffee Table Decor

Simple Christmas Coffee Table Decor

We invested in a new Christmas tree this year — it was the micro-led 9.5′ option at Costco. Just like we are fanatics for pretty much everything at Costco, this tree is amazing. I shared it on Instagram stories earlier this month and how it is pre-fluffed, has a ton of light settings (with a dimmer), is so full and dense, etc. etc. It sold out early online but I know a lot of you have been hitting up your local stores (it comes in a few sizes).

Christmas Living Room with Navy and Red Decorations

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We added a new strand of the garland (also Costco) over the fireplace (we’ve used the same garland on our bannister for years); I easily embellished it and will be sharing a simple post on it soon 😉

Also looks like Mister’s been enjoying our new rug haha.

Cozy Plaid Christmas Home Tour

Red and Navy Tartan Christmas Tree

Stair Banister Garland with Blue and Red Berries and Navy Satin Ribbon


I shared Eliza’s nursery earlier this month; you can check out the full post and all the details HERE. It’s gonna be a said day when those trees come down!

Baby girl's Christmas nursery decor

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Baby girl Christmas nursery with a Fairy Theme

I know next year, when she’s mobile, Eliza’s room likely won’t be able to be as elaborate (#safetyfirst) but we have loved spending all the time in here!

Christmas Decor and Nursery Ideas for the Changing Table

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Christmas decorating ideas for a baby nursery


The last space in today’s tour is our master bedroom. I didn’t purchase a single new thing for our room and decided on my frosty theme after taking inventory of what we had left in the bins that wasn’t used in the main common areas. For the first time in years, we don’t have a flocked tree in here! I used one of our shorter, 7.5 footers in the sitting area and while I prefer the height statement of the taller one in previous years, this was so much simpler to decorate and I loved switching it up a little.

Cozy White Christmas Bedroom

Scroll & Tap to Shop

It’s peaceful and serene, not overdone or fussy…

White Fur Christmas Bedroom

White and Gold Bedroom Christmas Decor

Bedroom Christmas Ideas and Nightstand Christmas Trees

Master Bedroom Sitting Area Christmas Tree and Holiday Decor

Scroll & Tap to Shop

And just like the main tree, I didn’t purchase a lot of new ribbon this year so I put the thinner ribbon to use by layering it and twisting it a little (similar to my 2015 throwback bedroom tree).

White and Gold Christmas Tree

White and Gold Christmas Tree in the Bedroom

White and Champagne Gold Christmas Tree Decor

Christmas Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Now that the scene is set, we’ll be taking it all in stride for the rest of the season. Thank you for taking the time to come and take a look around; for more holiday projects (and to see what’s to come in the new year!), be sure to subscribe to emails at the bottom of this post. Wishing you all the absolute best of the season and know how thankful I am for each of you KN readers. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas season to you all!

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  1. 11.19.19

    Absolutely beautiful Kelley! I just love how festive your home looks for the season, even if you pared down a little. Your great room tree and Eliza’s nursery is my fave. Best wishes to you and yours for the holidays!

  2. 11.19.19
    Karen said:

    Love the luxe and serene master bedroom look. How do you hang the tree ornaments so densely?

  3. 11.19.19
    Sharon said:

    As always Kelley, a visit to your home is exactly the holiday inspiration anyone could need or want. Your knack for creating elegant simplicity in every room creates such a warm, welcoming feel that I would never want to leave. Each room looks well-decorated without looking overdone. Simple perfection. Merry Christmas to your beautiful family!

  4. 11.19.19
    Jo R. said:

    Your home is just stunning Kelley, and your photography skills are so good! Enjoy Eliza’s very first Christmas!

  5. 11.19.19
    Cecilia from Georgia said:

    Spectacular, Kelley!! I love the formal style and how warm and cozy it still is. Enjoy every minute with your family because time goes by so fast. Love your Holiday Tour!

  6. 11.19.19

    It is absolutely perfect for babies first Christmas, and you will alway cherish those photos for that reason.

  7. 11.19.19

    Hey Kelley,
    i hope you have fun in Chattanooga – that’s my neck of the woods. If you haven’t already planned to, you should go up to see Rock City on Lookout Mountain. Lots of lights and scenery.

    I have a suggestion because I struggle with this and I have a full basement. How do you organize and store away all your trees and ornaments. I think that would be a great post to do. I have a zillion cone trees that don’t fit into any size box I can find and I don’t know how to keep them from be exposed in our dusty basement.

    Love your blog!

  8. 11.19.19

    This is truly lovely! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home. Merry Christmas!

    • 11.20.19

      Kristi, THANK YOU for taking the time to visit! Merry Christmas!

  9. 11.19.19
    Martina said:

    Every year I’m blown away! Thanks for the gorgeous Christmas inspiration Kelley! And for ideas to keep it simple when you’re a busy mom with limited time to decorate 😉

  10. 11.19.19
    Sarah said:

    Do you ever plan to show some new pics of Eliza? You shared a few when you first brought her home, and you probably have a good reason for not sharing any now. I understand, but I’m sure many of your followers would love to see how she has grown.

    • 11.20.19

      Sarah, I share them on occasion on Instagram (more of our daily) but I forget that I don’t do as many here! I absolutely will share more!

  11. 11.19.19
    Sandy said:

    It’s all just beautiful. Love the tartan theme!

  12. 11.19.19
    Emily said:

    It. Is. Perfect, Kelley! The plaid with the traditional vibes and color scheme make me want to curl up and watch Home Alone 1 & 2…for the second time this holiday season 😆. You seriously nailed it! So beautiful!

  13. 11.19.19
    Charlotte Gibson said:

    Absolutely beautiful. Tons of inspiration. Eliza’s nursery is my fav. Merry Christmas to you, Dave and little Eliza.

  14. 11.19.19
    Janis said:

    Always a treat to see your Christmas dressing. I think this year’s is my all time fav. I love it all. Right down to the tiniest details.
    Merry Christmas from Canada.

    • 11.20.19

      Janis, THANK YOU! I think this year may be my favorite too. Not too much and we are loving some of that red 😉 Merry Christmas to you! xo

  15. 11.19.19
    Keely said:

    Elegant, yet still functional and livable. Absolutely gorgeous! And Eliza’s nursery….. Just stunning!

    • 11.20.19

      Keely, thank you so much! We are all about livable 😉 Gotta be able to lounge and watch all those Christmas movies!

  16. 11.19.19
    Kathy said:

    Wow! Gorgeous! Love the blue

  17. 11.19.19
    AnnieD said:

    This might be my first time commenting – I follow you on Instagram and check your blog out regularly, but truly love how you decorate at Christmas. Very inspirational. Gave me a few ideas for updating my holidays.

    Have a wonderful first Christmas with your baby daughter.

    • 11.20.19

      Annie, it means SO MUCH that you took the time to comment today. Thank you and I hope you enjoy your holiday decorating!

  18. 11.19.19
    Stacey said:

    Gorgeous! Love all of it!

  19. 11.19.19
    Martha said:

    So many wonderful details! Was that 5 trees I counted? Impressive! The plaid is elegant and cozy.

    • 11.20.19

      Martha, believe it or not, I think this is the fewest I’ve done. I definitely have to pace myself haha. Thank you so much for visiting!

  20. 11.19.19
    Cindy said:

    So pretty Kelley! Everything just shines like gold!

  21. 11.19.19
    Jayne Zabala said:

    Elegant and gorgeous! The only thing missing was a pic or two of little Eliza!

  22. 11.19.19
    Wendy said:

    Oh wow, I always look forward to your Christmas Tour and as usual it’s well worth the wait. Each room is amazing, with beautiful and stylish touches.

  23. 11.19.19
    Rosa said:

    It all looks so beautiful!

  24. 11.19.19
    Annette Walsh said:

    So beautiful! Well done

  25. 11.20.19
    Jennibell said:

    Lots of beautiful inspiration here! Have a wonderful season and enjoy your new family traditions 🙂

  26. 11.20.19
    Wanda said:

    Enjoyed my visit to your beautiful home! You have it elegantly decorated for Christmas!
    I love the black and whites framed in your breakfast nook! Are they family photos or travels?? I may copy this tasteful grouping!

    • 11.20.19

      Wanda, thank you so much! They are travel photos- each is a different place. I snapped a landmark/scene on my iphone and did them in black and white 😉

  27. 11.20.19
    Dolores Corona Jiménez said:

    Me gusta todo lo que presenta y sugiere, una hermosa decoración.
    Muchas felicidades!!

  28. 11.21.19
    Amy said:

    Your home tour is absolutely beautiful! I love the color scheme for your master bedroom. I didn’t see links for the trees on the nightstand as well as all of the beautiful ornaments for the tree. Would you mind sharing where you purchase your ornaments from?

    • 3.11.20

      This is such a late response but they are from all sorts of places — Home Goods, At Home, PB, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Balsam Hill, etc.

  29. 11.21.19
    Char said:

    Absolutely beautiful! You have wonderful taste in everything you decorate. Just love your home. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  30. 12.8.19
    Lischen said:

    Every year, during the Holidays, I stop by your blog for inspiration, and you’ve never failed me. I love what you’ve done this year in all of the rooms, but that living room tree is stunning and has my heart fluttering!

  31. 12.20.19

    Merry Christmas to you! Your decorations are so pristine and pretty, and everything looks absolutely gorgeous! Awesome job!

  32. 11.9.20
    penny garufi said:

    I am confused ,the picture is also showing a tree with blue and green plaid ribbon, blues, greens and golds, but the web page doesn’t show this tree…Is this from last year?
    I love this one!
    Do you have a link, I couldn’t find the tree on your page?

    • 11.9.20

      Hi Penny, The email sent is a sneak peek of this year’s tree. More pics and details will be forthcoming soon with my Christmas 2020 home tour. Last year’s tree was the red, green and blue tartan plaid. Please stay tuned!