The Nursery Reveal is LIVE

Oh my goodness; guys! Today, I am so excited to be sharing my favorite room to date. Even though we didn’t share our plans to expand our family until January (see our adoption announcement HERE), we’ve actually been working on a sweet little gender neutral nursery since last year. There hasn’t been a single project in this space that’s been incredibly time or labor intensive but I took way longer than usual to make each decision. Because the baby’s room design seemed like the first tangible thing we could do as parents — and have some semblance of control, something we don’t have much of during this process — I probably put a little too much thought into some of the more minute details haha. No regrets here, though; I love the result and it makes me feel like we’re just a little bit closer. Update: Eliza Nan was born on June 10, 2019 and her gender neutral nursery has been perfect as it is but has also served as such an easy palette for pops of color from time to time!

Note: All sources, details, colors, etc. are listed and linked at the bottom of this  post

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In planning for a gender neutral nursery for a baby boy or baby girl, I had a few goals:

  1. Personality despite using whites, creams, etc.
  2. A calm (but not boring) vibe, be functional and practical, and reflect us
  3. Invest in pieces that would transcend the first two years
  4. Flexible palette and furnishings to be able to further personalize the room (or even go more gender specific if we want) once the baby’s here, with minimal effort

The result is a little eclectic with lots of tradition. It’s cozy, textured, and layered, but I also kept some things more streamlined, minimal, and clean. It has a natural, slightly bohemian vibe but not in a too-trendy-for-us way. And, I can’t help but smile every time I see it. Here’s how it all came together…

Boho white gender neutral nursery with tons of texture

SourcesRocker | Woven Storage Ottoman Table Pouf | Crib | Macrame Crib Skirt | Floor Lamp | Fiddle Leaf Fig | Throw | Bunny in Crib | Song Lyrics Above Crib (similar) | Frames | Curtain Rod | Curtain Rings | Woven Rug | Sheepskin Rug | Rope Pendant Light | Sherpa Bear Rocker | Black & White Gingham Crib Sheet | Curtains (Linen Weave Vanilla Bean – Privacy Lining) | Shades (Bali White, Cordless, Blackout Liner)

Working on this nursery was the surprising therapy I didn’t know I needed and each little addition has made everything just a little more real. Let’s take a look at the details.

Gender Neutral Nursery Crib & Bedding

Because I was going neutral, I didn’t want everything to fade into a sea of white. I didn’t want to do wallpaper or a mural or some crazy wall feature that would end up costing a lot. My solution — install a long, single panel picture frame moulding to the main wall. This single-box version is a basic, quick project for anyone who has even a little bit of skill. I have no experience with a miter saw/box but if you’re wanting to try it out, this would be a pretty basic place to start.

100%, the cane sided crib is a splurge. It was love at first sight and I thought about it for a couple months before actually pulling the trigger. Everything else I found paled in comparison (at least in my mind when I was convincing myself that it was a need)  — they all seemed to basic, too feminine, too boring… I justified this thing a million different ways before ordering and have zero regrets. It’s unique, heavy and well constructed, comes with a conversion kit, and is 10 times more beautiful in person. It’s total love for me.

White and cane Serena and Lily crib

I have several fitted sheets I’ve accumulated but one of my favorites is this inexpensive black and white gingham. Another favorite I scored during a sale was this sweet oxford stripe (I went with the sand color). I also picked up the macrame crib skirt during the sale — one of the final touches I added to the room. As a note about the crib, crib skirt, and crib sheet — if you sign up for Serena and Lily emails, you can get 15% off your first purchase.

Gender neutral nursery design ideas

Making the lyrics to “Soulshine” the focal point above the crib wasn’t my original plan. I was going to hang THIS wall basket medallion but when a three month back-order of March 31 turned to May 31, I decided it was time for plan B.  The song is incredibly special to us (I even have it tattooed on my wrist and included it in our adoption profile) and it ended up being my favorite personal touch in the room. I had them printed through an Etsy shop that has since closed and used THESE matted brass frames. I found a similar shop with digital printing files HERE.

Soulshine framed lyrics above nursery crib

Gender Neutral Nursery Changing Table

I’ve shared peeks of this dresser (currently out of stock but available in a gray wash with silver hardware HERE) and changing station a few times now. Instead of going with a children’s dresser or changing table, I opted for a piece that could be used in any room, for years to come. Truth- Dave likes it better than the dresser we have in our master bedroom. This lamp has a USB port – perfect for plugging in an iPad or phone when outlets aren’t easy to access late at night.

Nursery changing station on a double dresser with pretty woven changing basket

SourcesDresser | Round Mirror | Lamp | Changing BasketGlass Shadow Box | Woven Hamper | Violet the Fawn |

And this changing basket — are you kidding me?! I have no idea how I will use it after we no longer need it for diapering but I’m determined to come up with future possibilities.

Baby Moses changing basket with quilted pad

Nursery changing area and dresser accessories

Sources: Bunny Teether | Wood Teether/Clutcher | Changing Basket

Gender Neutral Nursery Wall Art & Decor

Before I really got going on the design of the gender neutral nursery, I thought it was going to be more heavily influenced by woodland animals. But, I quickly started noticing just how many nurseries were sporting pictures of animal busts. SO many adorable nurseries out there but I wanted to do something a little different. So, I decided to play down the original woodland theme a little bit, but kept the concept in a smaller dose on the wall opposite the crib. This was a super affordable art project — I found the animal prints HERE in a ton of animals; the prints are available for immediate download in multiple sizes. I downloaded a few and sent them to a local drugstore for printing, picked them up in less than an hour, and placed them in repurposed frames I already had on hand.

Woodland animal nursery with inexpensive animal art busts in a simple wall gallery

Sources: Bunny Art | Mouse Art | Raccoon Art | Raccoon Plush Animal | Stuffed Bear | Woven Hamper | Pouf | Sherpa Bear Rocker

The books we’ve collected thus far are a culmination of new, classics, and even a box of favorites from my own personal library that my mom saved from when I was little. I loved reading and re-reading everything I could get my hands on and am so excited to see which ones become favorites for Baby Lopez. The large forest framed art, along with the cute bookshelf animal prints, are c/o Minted. Like all of my Minted art, the matting, size, and frames are customizable. If you’re looking for cute ceramic animals/statues/items for book ends, look NOW, post Easter! I bet you’ll find bunnies, chicks, and others on clearance.

Plant idea for kids with butterflies

I also already had these cozy layered rugs in my arsenal that were simple to repurpose.

Baby room styled bookshelf and decor

And along with the books, there are a few other nostalgic items mixed in, like my favorite stuffed bear. I’m so grateful my mom saved all she did; I have a ton of boxes to go through that continue to accumulate with each visit she makes!

stuffed animals in nursery basket

White neutral boho nursery

White nursery design for girl and boy babies

rocking chair nursery side storage table

Gender Neutral Nursery Window Treatments

The window treatments were another big deal for us. I wanted the windows to look pretty and polished, but more importantly, this room gets more light than any other room in the house. I mixed my favorite woven shades (cordless with blackout liner) with these privacy lined pleated curtains, c/o Select Blinds; you can find the rod I used HERE and the inexpensive rings HERE. I went with a more tailored look to balance out some of the more casual parts of the room. (Details of the exact material, colors, and lining used can be found at the bottom of the post in the Room Sources section under “Windows”.)

What curtains and shades to use in the nursery for privacy

Here’s how the shades look when you start pulling them down; they block everything perfectly. They block the sun out quickly so I actually had to up the brightness in editing a good bit, just so you can see the detail.

Window treatment ideas for nursery with blackout liner

The big rope pendant light was also high on my list, early on in the process, and it most definitely didn’t disappoint. One note though is that the rope is thick — almost opaque — so it doesn’t emit much light; the majority is cast down softly from the bottom. Secondary lights (like my floor lamp and table lamp) are pretty much necessary.

Beautiful gender neutral nursery design with white walls and woodland decor - soft, modern, and a little bohemian

Y’all, I am so dang thrilled. There are plenty of ways to further personalize the nursery one day but even if it stays exactly like this, I’m so incredibly happy with it. TBH, even if it were a closet with a crib, I would be so incredibly happy but I’m thankful to have been able to work on this project over the past several months in preparation. I have more posts coming soon — I’m working on the closet now and holy cow, I can’t wait to share that project! And, for those who aren’t into the baby things, I’ve picked back up on the powder room (update: the powder room reveal can be found HERE)! Subscribe to my emails at the bottom of the post and make sure you catch all the upcoming things. Thank you for being on this journey and celebrating alongside us.

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Room Sources & Details

Wall Paint: Simply White by Benjamin Moore (Regal Select Eggshell Finish; Flat Ceiling Paint on Ceiling)

Furniture: Crib // Dresser (currently out of stock but the gray wash color with silver hardware can be found HERE) // Bookshelf // Rocking Chair (in Sunbrella Performance Slub Tweed, Pebble, Driftwood)

Lighting: Rope Pendant Light // Floor Lamp // USB Table Lamp

Art/Walls: Round Brass Mirror (36×36) // Personalized Song Lyrics — no longer available (SIMILAR) (16″x20″, style 2, above crib) // Brass Frames w/ Mats (for song lyrics) // Forest Art (above bookshelf — 40×30) // Baby Hedgehog Art (5×7) // Little Bunny Art (11×11) // Rabbit Art (Gallery) // Raccoon Art (Gallery) // Mouse Art (Gallery)

Textiles: Macrame Crib Skirt // Fawn Print Pillow // Ivory Velvet Crib Pillow // Boho Pillow // Faux Fur Pillow // Black & White Gingham Sheets // Ivory Tassel Throw // Sheepskin (SIMILAR) // Chunky Knit Rug 

Windows: Curtains (Linen Weave Vanilla Bean – Privacy Lining)// Shades (Bali White, Cordless, Blackout Liner) // Curtain Rod // Curtain Rings

Accents/Decor/Toys: Woven Changing Basket // Ottoman Pouf // Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree // Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Basket (no longer available) // Water Hyacinth Lidded Storage Ottoman Stool (next to rocking chair) // Laundry Hamper // Rocking Sherpa Bear // White Rope Baskets on bookshelf (similar) // Woven Basket Toy Dump //  Stuffed Owl // Stuffed Raccoon // Stuffed Crib Bunny // Bunny Hooded Wrap SIMILAR  // Bunny Rattles // Wood Baby Beads 

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  1. 4.22.19

    PERFECTION!!!!! I want to sleep in that room….so, so, so, so, so, so. GORGEOUS!!!!

  2. 4.22.19
    Maxine said:

    Love your blog and all your reveals, but this is so personal and special; thank you for sharing and so happy for you two.

  3. 4.22.19
    Sara said:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Praying for you to receive that bundle of joy soon!

  4. 4.22.19
    Lacey said:

    So beautiful!!! You did such an incredible job, you’re going to be a great mom!!

  5. 4.22.19
    Bree said:

    Kelley every little detail is perfect!!! I’m beyond excited for you and Dave! Can’t wait to meet your little one some day soon…you and Dave will be the BEST parents❤️

  6. 4.22.19
    Charlotte Gibson said:

    This room is perfection. I love everything about it. Little baby Lopez is going to love it too. Congratulations to you and Dave.

  7. 4.22.19
    Joan said:

    Kelley, this nursery gave me goose bumps. It is absolutely adorable and your little baby is one lucky duck!

    Sooooo excited for your journey to start!

  8. 4.22.19
    Lynn said:

    You’ve created a beautifully cozy room. I love all the animals in the room — in the stuffed animals, in the prints, even your live dog. I send you the very best wishes for many moments of cozy love in the room.

  9. 4.22.19
    Cecilia from Georgia said:

    Kelley, You and Dave will be fabulous parents and the precious angel will be the star of your blog!! I am so excited for you guys and pray for the stork to visit you soon! Beautiful nursery. XOXO

  10. 4.22.19
    Susan Carr said:

    Dear Kelley, this is the most precious baby’s room I have ever seen! I know each item has been so thoughtfully chosen. I am so happy for you and Dave! Love, Aunt Susan

  11. 4.23.19
    Erin said:

    Kelley every single detail is absolutely perfect! From the crib to the light to the rug.. every single thing! I adore this room and am so excited for you. You ALMOST made me want to have another one. Almost. 😉 Love you sweet friend! xo

  12. 4.23.19
    Jamie said:

    Kelley… this is absolute perfection.

  13. 4.23.19

    I love the nursery – but I really am wondering what you did with all of the white guest bedroom furniture/décor? I LOVE LOVE LOVE that room!!

  14. 4.23.19

    This is absolutely gorgeous, precious, lovely…you name it! Your baby is going to be one blessed little child! So well done!!

  15. 4.23.19
    Michele M. said:

    Absolutely stunning. It is perfect, and I wish you nothing but truly happy memories in that beautiful room with your soon-to-be wee one.

    Your baby is going to be so blessed to have you two as parents. ♥♥♥

  16. 4.23.19
    Tamara said:

    I love every detail, Kelley! You truly have made this so very special, every bit is so thoughtfully panned, and I can tell it means so much to you both. Love the teething rings too 😉 I can’t wait for you to welcome your family’s newest little addition into your home and into this beautiful space! xoxo

  17. 4.25.19
    Nicole McKee said:

    I have been looking for nursery inspiration for my upcoming first-born, and I’m pretty sure your nursery reveal is a winner on all fronts! Love it! So much inspiration!

    One question, though. I am not afraid of investing in key furniture pieces, but I also am very comfort-driven. What would you see the comfort level of your rocker is? And do you find it easy enough to rock on the rug and carpet?

    • 5.15.19

      Nicole, it is easy to rock on the rug/carpet but I can’t speak to long-term comfort (I haven’t gotten to use it in that way yet). It is definitely more “erect” (as it looks) and less plush/loungey to fall into, if that makes sense. So, if you like something with a more structured back and sides, I think it’s going to be great. If you prefer something more plush, you may not 😉

  18. 5.2.19
    Rebecca Siegel said:

    Dear Kelly,
    This is such a beautiful, sweet nursery! Congratulations!
    I wish I had had it as inspiration back when I did my son’s nursery. I am brand new to your blog and I am finding your advice so helpful. I would love to decorate my house like yours! I do have a question, my son is 3 and I have a big puppy. I would love to create capsule bedding like you but I hesitate to spend that much money on the really nice linens when everything in my house is always getting dirty or stained! Do you have any advice on how to keep your home decor nice (especially white or light colored fabrics) with children and dogs?

    • 5.15.19

      Rebecca, THANK YOU so much! We have three dogs, too. Honestly, invest in the higher quality/stain resistent fabrics when it comes to things you sit on, keep stain removers on hand, along with bleach, blue dawn and oxyclean, and be “ok” if things aren’t kept pristine. I am way more relaxed about accepting the dirt that comes along with the crew but the linens (especially the quilts) wash up beautifully. I would pick one thing to ease in and see how that does for you!

    • 11.3.19
      Jenna said:

      I love this nursery design!! Could you tell me your carpet brand/color (the floor not the rug)? Thank you so much!!

      • 11.5.19

        Jenna, I am so sorry! Our entire house has that carpet and I have no clue. So so sorry!

  19. 5.10.19
    connie Hoffman said:

    Love your nursery-is the rug in white?

    • 5.15.19

      Connie, it is more of an ivory/beige (and has silvery gray threads woven in slightly)

  20. 5.13.19
    Kathy Smith said:

    Your nursery is beautiful! Would you mind sharing who on Etsy did your personalized song lyrics? I keep getting a message saying the page is unavailable. I am trying to do this for my daughter’s nursery.
    Thank you!

    • 5.15.19

      Kathy, I hope you got all set 😉

      • 11.4.19
        Sasha said:

        Could you please also share the name with me? I want to do the same thing for my daughters nursery!

        • 11.5.19

          Sasha, I am so sorry! Our entire house has that carpet and I have no clue. I should have paid better attention when we picked it from a lineup several years ago but didn’t know I’d ever need to know it. So very sorry!

  21. 5.23.19
    Anne said:

    Such a beautiful room and a more beautiful story. Can you share the Etsy shop for the custom song lyrics (link is broken).

  22. 6.13.19
    Alanna Conlee said:

    None of the etsy links for the song lyrics work. Would you be able to tell me the name of the shop?
    Thank you

  23. 6.19.19
    Vivien said:

    You absolutely NAILED it. This is stunning!! I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  24. 6.25.19
    Kayla Burnett said:

    Hi there!
    Love love your nursery! The link to Etsy for the printable has an error, what is the name of the shop? I would love that font!
    Thank you!

  25. 7.10.19
    Lennie said:

    Love the room!! How did you install the picture frame moulding look?

    • 8.13.19

      I had a contractor do it — for someone who is skilled in trim work, it is an easy project! Just choose thin strips, and they will measure and nail them into boxes.

  26. 7.14.19
    Kathleen said:

    What did you do to the wall the crib is against? I absolutely love it!

    • 8.13.19

      I had inexpensive picture frame molding installed and then all painted the same color!

  27. 7.14.19
    Mallory Sanford said:

    I love your nursery!
    Can you tell me what size the actual picture frames are above the crib. I see the link that takes me to it and it says 16×20 but is that the opening size for the picture?

  28. 7.21.19
    Stephanie said:

    Amazing job! Personality definitely showing through! I actually have that same mirror in my entryway! Curious how you hung yours above the dresser? I wish mine was secured more.

    • 8.13.19

      Stephanie, Dave did it so I’m not sure what was on the back but he usually goes for a large drywall anchor for heavier pieces

  29. 7.22.19
    Camille said:

    This nursery is stunning! What a cozy and peaceful place for a little one. I love love love the idea of the printed song lyrics and the font in which you had them printed! Can you tell me the size of the actual print as well as the size of the frame you used?

  30. 7.22.19
    Ashley said:

    Hi there,

    Your nursery is absolutely beautiful! Would you care to share which color dresser this is? I’ve found it on the website but I’m not sure!

  31. 8.4.19
    Crys said:

    Love this nursery! Any chance you know the carpet in your house? I’m in the market and love the color and look!

  32. 8.15.19
    Erynn Reinhardt said:

    Hi Kelly!

    Oh my goodness. Such a perfectly beautiful styled nursery! You are so gifted!

    Random request…. I am wondering if I can potentially use the image that’s of the whole room for a childbirth education website (for profit, selling product). I’m happy to pay for it, give credit, etc. in order to get rights to it.

    Please let me know if this is something you’d be open to and what you’d need in order to be okay with it. I’ve been searching for the perfect neutral nursery photo and yours feels like it might be just that. 🙂

    Thanks so much!

  33. 9.23.19
    Alli said:

    Hi there! Obsessed with your look. I’m wanting to do picture fame moldings as well… out of curiosity, how wide is your main wall and do you know how wide you made each frame? Thank you for your help!!

    • 9.28.19

      Hi, Alli! I don’t remember the dimensions but that wall is a little over 13′ wide.

  34. 9.26.19
    Dana Val said:

    Hi Kelley!
    I was scrolling through pinterest and found your nursery at the perfect time (due in 4 weeks) as I’m putting finishing touches on my nursery. I love the window treatment you selected. I’m ordering the rod, rings, and curtains since I have similar wall color. Can you help me understand how you measured? I’m on the selectblinds site now, not sure if these should be able to close over the whole window or i should just measure the distance between the wall overhang and window trim where they will sit. I guess I’m asking how you measured the width, full or partial window width? Appreciate the perspective! Your room is so dreamy!

    • 9.28.19

      Hi, Dana! For the curtains, I measured how tall I wanted (close to the ceiling) down to the floor. For width, I did the entire window. Their customer service is fantastic if you have any specific questions and they are great to talk with. Best of luck and congratulations to you!!!

  35. 11.5.19
    Kristen Santangelo said:

    Hi Kelley! This nursery is just GORGEOUS! It seems the link for the personalized prints above the crib are no longer working on etsy. By chance, do you have reference to the company that created those for you or an alternate link? Thanks so much!

    • 11.7.19

      Kristen, she closed her shop! So many people have asked; I need to find an alternative. I’m so sorry!

  36. 11.7.19
    Michelle Welch said:

    Absolutely love this nursery and getting so much inspiration for mine. How are you liking the the quality of the dresser? I think I’m going to order it but don’t see any reviews.

    • 11.20.19

      Michelle, I am so glad!! And it has been great. It is really heavy and solid!

  37. 12.18.19
    Gina-Rae said:

    I am so in love with this Nursery! Everything about it. Major inspiration for our new nursery we are designing 🙂
    As for the Shades – the colour Bali White has been discontinued, and I’m so sad!!! it’s the perfect colour. Would you have a similar suggestion to that colour or a different brand that you’re aware of with a similar shade?
    Thanks so much!!

    • 3.5.21
      Marissa said:

      I would love to know this too!! I absolutely love the window treatments in this nursery.

      • 3.9.21

        Hi Marissa, Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I would suggest that you contact the maker to see when the Bali White will be back in stock. It’s a very popular color and will hopefully return soon.

  38. 12.20.19
    Gina said:

    Hi I am wondering what size the fur white rug you have over the top Of the larger rug is?
    Thanks abunch! What a beautiful space!

  39. 2.11.20
    Jessica said:

    Hi Kelley! I am so obsessed with your nursery and using it for major inspiration for our sweet baby girl arriving in April! Would you happen to know the dimensions of your sheepskin rug? In the photo it looks bigger than 2×3 and I am not quite sure I want to order for our space.


    • 3.9.20

      Congratulations to you on your upcoming arrival! The sheepskin rug was a Costco find from several years ago, so I am unsure of the size. Best wishes! 💕💕💕

  40. 2.22.20
    molly b said:

    love this! what size is your chunky knit rug?

    • 3.9.20

      Hi Molly. The rug is 5 x 8. I hope that helps! ❤️

  41. 2.22.20
    Wendy said:

    What paint color did you use for the molding and trim around the windows? We are using the same paint color for the walls and not sure what to do about the trim!

  42. 3.11.20
    Abbey said:

    I love love love this nursery and dresser. How has the dresser held up? Do the drawers come out? I don’t see any reviews on it and wanted to see your thoughts before I purchased it.


    • 3.11.20

      Abbey, it has been amazing! It is really sturdy and well build <3

  43. 3.12.20
    Alyssa said:

    Hi Kelley! Your nursery is so beautiful! Would you mind sharing the details for the wall behind the crib? You said that you used picture frames. Where did you order them from and were they custom? Thank you so much!


    • 3.24.20

      Hi, Alyssa! “Picture frame moulding” is just the term for strips of moulding, fashioned into boxes. I had a carpenter use strips of moulding to fashion each of the boxes on the wall and then they were painted over, along with the wall, for a seamless wall treatment look. I hope that helps!

  44. 4.1.20
    Kayla said:

    Hi Kelley!! I love this nursery, darling!!! I really love your window treatments too. What color did you pick for your shade? They have so many colors on their site!! Thank you! Kayla

    • 4.6.20

      Hi Kayla,
      Thank you so much! The blinds are Bali White and the curtains are linen weave vanilla bean. I hope this helps! xoxo

      • 9.8.20
        Ellen Wente said:


        The color of Bali White is not an option at the link for the blinds. Do you know, do they no longer offer Bali White? I know you have used them in several of your rooms.
        Thank you

        • 9.9.20

          Hi Ellen, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by! I know that Bali White is a very popular color and goes in and out of stock. I would check with Customer Service to find out when it will be available.

      • 5.23.21
        Lexie said:

        I reached out to customer service, and Bali white has been discontinued. 🙁 Has anyone found a comparable color? Also, I’m wondering if you added the edge binding and if so, have they held up without the binding?

        • 5.24.21

          Hi Lexie, I understand the Bali White will be back at the end of this month. I would check back with them later this week. I did not add the edge binding and the blinds have held up great!

  45. 4.18.20
    Courtney said:

    Hi Kelley! Where are the little white bunny figurines from that you have on the bookshelf? I think they’re so cute but can’t find anything like them anywhere!

    • 4.20.20

      Hi Courtney, I got these from AtHome last year around Easter. I love bunnies any time of year! xoxo

  46. 4.28.20
    Adrianna said:

    Do you know how many inches are between the dresser and the bottom of the mirror? I love how it’s hung a bit lower than similar styles I have seen floating around the internet!

    • 4.29.20

      Hi Adrianna, I would say approximately 10″. Hope this helps!

  47. 4.29.20
    Allie said:

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your nursery!!! You did an incredible job with all the details.

    I had a few questions:
    – What size is your Faux Fur Pillow from PB? 18×18 or 26×26?
    – For your rocker from PB Kids, for the color is there a difference between “Pebble” and “Pebble Driftwood”? I saw you wrote “Pebble Driftwood” but only see “Pebble” listed on the PB Kids website.

    Thank you so much!

    • 4.29.20

      Hi Allie, Thank you so much! The nursery is our favorite room in the house. To answer your questions, the pillow is 20″ and “driftwood” refers to the wood finish on the rockers. I hope this helps! xoxo

  48. 4.30.20
    Lolo said:

    Hi Kelley! I have been following you for a long time and I just love your blog! I was so thrilled for your family to read about Eliza and see how much joy it’s brought you 🙂 I’m expecting in August and working on putting together a nursery and once again, you’ve been an inspiration in that process. Question on your chair fabric–do you feel like it’s easy to clean? I really want a light colored chair but don’t want to screw myself by getting something really light that I can’t clean!

    • 4.30.20

      Lolo, Thank you so much and Congratulations to you on your upcoming arrival. I know you are so very excited. We have loved the chair. As of now, we have not had any issues at all in keeping it clean. Take care and have fun getting ready for your baby! xoxo

  49. 6.4.20
    Jackie said:

    Hi Kelley,

    Did you get the 5 foot or 7 foot faux fiddle leaf fig? Thanks!

  50. 9.18.20
    lennie said:

    Love love this room. Does the dresser feel/look distressed up close or is it smooth feeling (like if you run your hand over it)? I know it’s a specific question….

    • 9.21.20

      Hi Lennie, Thank you so much! I must say this is my favorite room in the house. The dresser has a smooth finish. My husband wishes we had the same dresser in our master, too. I love it’s spaciousness, width and height. Hope this helps!

  51. 11.17.20
    Ashley said:

    Absolutely love this nursery and are modeling ours after it! Do you by chance know which thickness curtain rod you got? The options are .75″ and 1.25″. Thanks!!

    • 11.18.20

      Ashley, Thank you so much for stopping by. I am incredibly flattered that you are modeling your nursery after ours. I believe the curtain rod thickness is 1.25″. I wish you the best as you plan for this exciting time. Have fun!

  52. 12.11.20
    Megan Gillespie said:

    This nursery is absolute perfection!!! I was wondering if you got the Fiddle Leaf Fig in the 5.4 or 6.9 ft?

    • 12.14.20

      Hi Megan, Thank you for your kind note! Our Fiddle Leaf fig is the larger size.

  53. 5.28.21
    Jacqueline said:

    Thank you for sharing with us, this is such a beautiful nursery!! I’m curious if you have any more resources on how you DIYed the wall paneling. Also, did you paint the trim the same color as the walls?

    • 5.28.21

      Hi Jacqueline, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by! A contractor added the picture frame moulding for us. The trim is painted the same color as the walls.

  54. 7.9.21
    Sara said:

    Hi there! Absolutely love your nursery. I’m planning on doing my favorite book quotes in frames above my crib. Can you let me know what size frame you used? Trying to figure out if it is 16 x 20 or if that is the mat size…

    • 7.10.21

      Hi Sara, Thank you for taking the time to stop by and I love your plan for the book quotes! I used frames that are 23 x 28″. The open space for the mat is 16 x 20″. Hope this information helps!

  55. 8.13.21
    M said:

    This room is beautiful!! The Harlow dresser looks like it is sold out on both links. Any idea of where to find a dresser with that look?

    • 8.16.21

      Thank you so much for taking the time to visit! I am sorry that I don’t have another source. I would request an alert from the sources shown so that you know when it comes back in stock.

  56. 1.29.23
    Alla Osiychuk said:

    Hello, I am looking on purchasing the gold curtain rings and I am a bit confused if clips come with the rings? Did you buy the clips separately or somehow hung the curtains up without the clips on the rings? Thank you,

    • 1.30.23

      Alla, Thank you for stopping by. You would also need to purchase curtain hooks to attach the rings to the curtains.